We Tell You Just A Little About Larry and Ruth Brown.



No two individuals on the planet have done more for shuffleboard than Larry and Ruth Brown!!!  Their unselfish actions are a model for others

Larry and Ruth served on the CD Board, Larry for 8 years, Ruth for 4.  They maintained the CD Hall of Fame until the spring of 2011 as well as taking a key role in organizing the most successful CD Hall of Fame Classic!! 

It was during Larry’s first year on the Board in 2000 that he proposed, and was then asked to “Bring About” the CD Hall of Fame.  It has been a tremendous success.  The pic on the right was taken in 2008, also on New Year’s Eve. 

I have it by a reliable source that the Browns will spend New Years Eve, 2011 with their good friends The Tates > Max and Ruth.

Stan and Lois McCormack 2011 12 31. 


Ruthie Brown went into the last tournament, the Tournament of Champions, a walking singles event, tied with all time National points leader, Thelma Springer for the final “Masters” spot. It was “all on her”, do or die so to speak!!  She drew a bye and her 1st match would be the ¼’s, but whom is she facing, eye to eye, none other than point leader, Joan Cook. The match went three games and in the final Ruthie found herself needing three blocks to win while Joan only needed one.  Miraculously, she pulled it off, went on to win the semi’s and with Thelma losing, Ruthie was IN! Husband Larry had a smile from ear to ear, so proud of Ruthie and rightfully so. Welcome, Ruthie, to the “Masters”.  Article by Earl Ball 2005 03 31.



Shuffleboard presents so many “golden moments”!!

If ever the statement “A pix is worth a thousand words” had an application, it is here!!  2005 was Ruth’s 1st time to compete in the FSA Masters, and for this reason she was presented with the “White Jacket” courteous of Allen R. Shuffleboard Co. Jim Allen made the presentation.

FIVE YEARS LATER 2010-03-23, while playing with friend Nicole Archambault, Ruth qualified for entrance into the most respected FSA Hall of Fame.

Ruth had this to say: “A goal has been reached that I thought would never be for me a few years back. Today was very exciting for me to make my final point with friend, Nicole.  The happiness on Larry’s face was all it took for the tears to start flowing. It was a great feeling knowing there were a lot of friends there cheering for me, friends who were as happy for me as I was!! It was a great day”. Ruth.

In 2005, when Ruth earned the White Jacket, Larry asked the audience: “Have you ever seen a better looking Great Grandmother?”  This year, 2010, Larry told me quietly that he was saving all those kind and loving remarks for later.  Not sure just what he was thinking?? 


2005 pic & story from the archives of The Shuffler.

Stan and Alf.  2010-03-24.    


That would be Shuffleboard Stars!!   A total of 104 Shuffleboard players converge in Winter Haven, Monday, November 23rd!! (An identical number competed at Bradenton in the other half of the State Mixed Doubles Event!!)

At Winter Haven, each was seeking a share of the prize money in the Richard Buchanan Memorial tournament.  Kay Buchanan honored the memory of her late husband BUCK with a generous portion of the prize money.  Unfortunately this writer got eliminated early so do not know the results of the tournament as yet.

In the margin we have a number of photos: Top left is of Sue Krynak and Kay Buchanan; next pic is of Nicole Huot and Glen Peltier; next pic is of Pete Grimes who was attending Monday’s tournament as a spectator.  Pete is a former major league baseball player for the Boston Red Sox who has many stories to tell about his teammate Ted Williams and other great Boston players. If Mr. Grimes comes to another tournament with his friend Stan Williamson, be sure to say hello and learn some things about old time baseball. The final pic is of Mary Button and Earl Ball. 

We would like to tell you who won the event but as of 17:00 hrs on 2009 11 24, the Results are not posted.  It is possible that rain delayed the event on the 2nd day > Tuesday, November 24, 2009. 

Reporting for the Shuffler – Larry & Ruth Brown. 2009 11 25

The Browns Support the 100th Anniversary Celebrations!! 

When Larry and Ruth Brown heard about the objectives of the 100th Anniversary Committee, it did not take them long to agree to support the project by becoming our Representatives in the Central District of the FSA. The Committee is oh so lucky to have people like the Browns come forward when there is a major task to be carried out.  Since that time, Ruth and Larry have offered for sale our promotional items at every Central District Tournament as well as the State Tournaments in the Central District. They have sold so many T-Shirts that UPS is thinking of assigning one delivery vehicle exclusively for their useJ. 

Larry and Ruth have given unselfishly of their time to Shuffleboard since the early 1990s.  Larry joined the CD Board in 1999-2000 as 3rd Vice President and it was not long until he asked what he thought was an innocent enough question which resulted in the creation of the CD Hall of Fame under his guidance.  Ruth and Larry became the Curators of the HOF; when Larry became the District President, Ruth became the CD Secretary. Ruth is now the Alternate State Delegate for the District. Both were instrumental as members of the “Founding Group of 8” of what has become an astonishingly successful Annual HOF Classic.  

I have not highlighted their most successful shuffling careers because for Shuffleboard, and for Larry and Ruth, this is an even greater accomplishment.

On behalf of all Shufflers > Thank You Larry and Ruth.

Stan McCormack, Chair Anniversary Committee.  2012 11 26.  


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2 Responses to We Tell You Just A Little About Larry and Ruth Brown.

  1. John Houghtaling says:

    Larry and Ruth are the two people that exemplify the true meaning of giving their time to a cause so that so many can enjoy!!!! All of those involved with this great game of Shuffle Board owe so much to these these two individuals who wanted nothing in return other than to see the game prosper and be enjoyed by so many!!!…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Jerry Deren says:

    Larry & Ruth are the most kindest & generous people you will ever meet. I’ve never heard them say no to a request for help. They are truly missed through out the shufle board community & the
    Sebring shuffleboard club.


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