Earl Ball Shares How To Get the Vaccine

Cindy (Wood) and I had the Moderna Vaccine today, 12-31-2020. If you live in Pasco County, Florida this is how you get the shot. Go to the website  <pasco.floridahealth.gov>. Click on vaccine distribution in the upper left corner. Mid way down the page that opens are two items highlighted in blue. Click on the 1st one and print the health info form, fill it out and take it with you. The 2nd highlighted item is to register. Click on it and follow the directions to get your ticket to be vaccinated. Guys if you would please put this on your web site it may help our shufflers get the vaccination they need.. Snow birds are included, also Canadians. Earl Ball

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6 Responses to Earl Ball Shares How To Get the Vaccine

  1. Glen Peltier says:

    Does that work for pinnellis township also?


  2. Joan McCurdy says:

    Though I am not in Florida ~ very kind of you to share this information.


  3. Earl Ball says:

    Cindy is a movie star! She was in the video shot by fox news and shown out TV last evening.


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