We Tell You Just A Little About Lawrence Malcolm


This is an Encore Production, originally posted at least 5 years ago!  (In those days I did not accurately record the date at the end of each article.)  At that time we ran a series called Shuffleboard Citizen of Merit which highlighted the contribution made by many of our Sport. 

Before posting this Encore Production, I checked with Nancy Bryan of the Blackstock Club and she informs me that Gwen and Lawrence are frequent shufflers for the afternoon sessions.  Good to hear that both are enjoying good health and continuing to participate in Shuffleboard.

Stan of The Shuffler 2009-06-08.     


Our citizen of merit earns accolades by reason of the level of service he has provided and continues to provide to the “community of shufflers”.

Lawrence’s devotion to service began at a much younger age when Lawrence served his community as a municipal Councillor. He served as Reeve of the Township for 6 years; became the first mayor of the township and served in that capacity for 5 years, followed by an 8 year stint as Regional Councillor under the newly formed “Regional Government”. He retired from municipal politics undefeated!

Lawrence and wife Gwendolyn (Gwen) have wintered in Betmar FL for 15 winters.  Lawrence participates in Club Shuffling.  However; he has become a celebrity not for his shuffling but rather for his role in singing the Canadian National Anthem at the District and State Tournaments held at Betmar.  He has been doing this for 5 years, and on occasion, he also sings the American National Anthem. 

At his “home club”, the Scugog Club of Blackstock ON, it is Lawrence who provides us access, who ensures the building is secure when we leave AND perhaps most importantly, it is Lawrence who ensures that we shufflers have our coffee on a timely and regular basis!  Lawrence has served the Scugog Club as their vice president for a period of 5 years. 

While we have highlighted the service aspect of Lawrence’s shuffling career, do not let that fool you if you meet him on the Courts!!  Some of that “political savoir faire” is still evident.  He can lure you into a relaxed game and then “pow”; he has you at his mercy!!  Who said that politics is not a good training ground for Shuffling??  Lawrence; your many friends in America and Canada salute you for the service you provide to your community!! Stan McCormack.

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