We Tell You Just A Little About Lorraine and Bill Pollock


Many, perhaps most, of those who log on to THE SHUFFLER know Lorraine and Bill Pollock.  Lorraine, with strong support from husband Bill, has been someone who always seem to be present when support is required for our sport.  Without such couples, couples who often sacrifice their own enjoyment to ensure that others are able to participate, Shuffling would indeed be in serious difficulty!!  As one small example of their unstinting willingness to help, Lorraine volunteered to be the tournament director for the OSA sanctioned competition at Richmond Hill.  As is most often the case, husband Bill accompanied Lorraine.  As he does at almost all tournaments, Bill was there to assist the host club in any way possible.   Lorraine is a distinguished tournament director–we are pleased to have her officiating at Richmond Hill!! 


One of the original Central District “Good Old Boys” got so weak carrying his partner at the Sebring pro~am tournament this past Thursday, that he found it necessary to go to one of the tournament sponsors, the Blue Crab restaurant, for a huge prime rib steak.  As “Big Bill” munched into that monstrous & delicious steak, he was heard to mutter, “This is the only chance we have!”  The last time this same “Big Bill” placed in a Central District Tournament, the Central District President called for a drug test!!  We have reason to believe “he is either “on something” or “on to something”!!  As we watched on Thursday, “Big Bill” ended his frame with ~~ get this, all 4 of his discs counting ~~ AND the opposition had a 10 Off in the kitchen!!  Honest, we are not making this up!!  There is one other possibility that could explain this enhanced performance ~~ We do know that Bill’s partner has or had a new tattoo!!   During dinner when his partner attempted to show the rest of us the mystery “mouse tattoo” ~~ something or someone had devoured the tattoo!!  If we find out just what happened to that tattoo, we will share the information with you.  To determine who these mystery shufflers are, click HERE and check out the names of the 3rd place Consolation Pro-State/Am participants!!  Name withheld by request!!  THE SHUFFLER 2006 02 24.  NOTE RE PIX: Please note that “Big Bill” is smiling!! He has seen all the tattoos without censoring!!  The Shuffler has censored the pix to protect the identity of all concerned.  Stan

Lorraine Speaks: Thank you Glenn for those very
kind words.

Clarence Wright was the one who
got me involved with the Florida
State Shuffleboard, first as
auditor and later as secretary.
I had never been a secretary in
my life and was very nervous
about accepting this position.
The Board was very helpful to me
especially our very capable
treasurer, Ann Hersom. Even now
if I have a problem I call Ann.
My husband Bill is always there
to help me as well. At
tournaments he takes
registration, posts the charts, sweeps or beads the courts or
anything that needs doing he does.
Thanks to everyone involved who made this night possible.
Lorraine Pollock on the Occasion of Her Induction Into the FSA
Hall of Fame, Special Award. 2010 01 18.

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