We Tell You Just A Little About the Laytons

Attended my first State meeting yesterday.  Very informative. My concerns were to listen to the other district’s comments on the possible implementation of $150 must sponsorship money input by clubs for State tournaments or have them taken away.  It was on the Agenda second from the last item and was then skimmed over very quickly, because lunch at Sebring was ready. This was 12:30 p.m.  Reason for concerns, is that our Deland Club does not put in sponsorship money in their tournaments, perhaps they don’t have any to do this. Their President did mention once, that his club does not really want to go out and get some.  His membership is approx. 30 – 35, so volunteers are low.  In comparison our club and the Leesburg club are almost in the same situation. Membership may be somewhat greater, but the same issue.  There is a great danger in us loosing some State tournaments in our District.  Hosting State are: Deland -1, Leesburg – 1 pro, 1 am.(also low membership), Tavares 1 pro,(membership somewhat larger) Hawthorne 2 pro , 1 am (membership huge in comparison) and a more affluent club, where funds are more readily available from members as well.  As we all know it is a very difficult job to recruit sponsorship and it takes a special person to do this.  The Deland, Leesburg and Tavares Clubs are all owned by the city, so members are pulled from far and wide, not the same as a Mobile park.  Hearing from far and wide before this past meeting, giving up State tournaments will be an easy out, by Clubs themselves or by being ousted by the State, if funds are not there. I am sure their are clubs in other districts in the same situation and I would have been good hear from them, but it did not happen.  Being on the N.D. board, I have concerns for the district. But we must work to support all of our clubs, to continue to operate as best they can. Hearing monetary numbers of input by some clubs or districts, per tournament, during the meeting, prior to the agenda item, was in the range of $ 600 or $800 per tournament. Unbelievable in our 22 year career.

Take Care   Lorraine and Ivan

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