We Tell You Just A Little About Gentleman Jack Rathwell.

Pic above is of the 3 of us on the (very smooth) courts in Tucson, Arizona.  We spent one full winter in AZ and enjoyed it a great deal.  It was Jack Rathwell who acted as our “host” sort of thing.   He has property there and knew all of The Shufflers!!  That same year the ISA (International) event was held in Arizona.  Lois and I competed in that event >> as did Jack.   

To-day however; we are going to talk about a man that many call “Gentleman Jack”!! In 2005 we highlighted Jack Rathwell’s contribution to Shuffleboard, both in Arizona and at his home Club in Blackstock, ON. At that time (2005) Gentleman Jack was the Captain of an AZ shuffling team named the COUGARS. In the 2005 article we told you that Jack was awarded the very first “District II : Special Award” for all his work in promoting shuffleboard in District 2 of the AZ Association, as well as for his involvement in the AZ State Shuffleboard Assn.

Tucson Estates Shuffleboard Club, Jack’s home club, honoured Jack AGAIN IN 2009, at their March Pot Luck.  In addition, their “In Park Team Tournament” is now named the “Jack Rathwell Team Tournament”. This tournament has a trophy given to the player winning the most games during the tournament, a trophy donated by Jack in memory of Bob Dixon.

Jack still enters tournaments and sometimes places in the trophy events.  Pat writes: We have designated GENTLEMAN JACK RATHWELL as our consultant on many In Park tournaments and on the Cougar team. Pat Lane.  2009 08 01. 

The Shuffler would like to thank the AZ Webmistress, Pat Lane for sharing this information with us.  The Shuffler would also like to thank Jack for his ongoing contribution to Shuffleboard; keep it up Jack, You continue to set the example for others to follow. 

Stan of The Shuffler.  2009 08 01.    


CAPTAIN “gentleman jack” IS HONORED!!

THE SHUFFLER is always especially pleased to receive news and pix from our fellow shufflers in AZ! While the speed of the Courts and the Rules may varry, when you experience them both, the common elements are far greater than the differences!! Whether it is TX, AZ or FL, all offer the opportunity for Snow Birds to share experiences, to grab a little exercise and to keep that ole brain active. We often hear from Glen Bromley in Yuma, AZ, this time we are hearing from Pat Lane who operates the ASA (Arizona Shuffling Association) website. Pat is located in Tucson, AZ and like so many of us, is heavily involved in Shuffling and probably too many other things!! Jack Rathwell who is the Captain of a shuffling team named the COUGARS. Both Pat and Ernie are also members of the COUGARS. The entire Cougar Team is shown in pix #2. The occassion is the presentation of a District II League Trophy to the Cougars!! District II has 8 Leagues with approximately 6 teams per league. They play league games from November until late January. (about 120 games per team of 8 to 10 players). Gentleman Jack Rathwell was awarded the very first “District II : Special Award” for all his work in promoting shuffleboard in our District along with his involvement in the State. The 3rd pix in the margin is of Jack receiving the award from President Leo Dodd. We would be remiss, back to the top pix, if we did not tell you that both Pat and Ernie are heavily involved in shuffling in Tucson, Pat as District Secretary, State Web Mistress and Publicity person and Ernie as Vice President of their local Shuffleboard club and newly appointed District II rep for the Arizona Hall of Fame.

Stan’s note: Alf and I wish to thank Pat for sharing this information with us~~is that not what shuffling is all about?? Stan 2005 03 22

You May Wish to go here: We Have Lost A Great Shuffler, A Great Human Being!! Jack Rathwell. | Your Source for Shuffleboard News (theshuffler.net)

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