We Tell You Just A Little About Jack and Ilse Vooght


Picture is of the Vooghts, Jack and Ilse Vooght. The Vooghts live in Renfrew, ON.  

This picture was taken at a District Shuffleboard Tournament in Lakeland, FL. Our weather has been unusually hot, but as the pic indicates, we have been hit by a cold snap; no doubt from Canada!! lol     

Shuffleboard is a major activity for Canadians who spend a good part of their winter in Florida.  At any given tournament they are well represented, with their numbers often exceeding the Americans participating.

That is not to say that everything is “perfect”; especially this year with the diminished Canadian Dollar!!  Canadians continue to come because most have property which they have owned for years > some up to 25 years!! Most have established close friendships with their neighbours, many telling you they have more friends here than in their hometown in Canada.  To offset the dollar decline, many have cut back on eating out and making purchases they would otherwise contemplate. 

But there is one thing they will not cut back on, and that is SHUFFLEBOARD!!! Best described as a healthy activity for both mind and body, many play 5 days a week!!  Shuffleboard does not cease in Renfrew when the Snowbirds “fly south”!! Shuffling continues every Tuesday at the Champlain Senior Centre, 164 Argyle St in Renfrew

Submitted by Stan McCormack.

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