We Tell You Just A Little About Jacques Bergeron

Jacques Bergeron

Shuffleboard Citizen of Merit!!

Jacques began shuffling 14 years ago–spending 2 years as an Amateur and as soon as he turned “Pro”, he joined the Florida State Pro Circuit.  For the few who may not be aware, there are more professional shuffleboard players in Florida than any other professional sport~~and accordingly “joining the pro circuit” demands a true commitment for the serious shuffler.  Jacques gives credit to his early doubles partner~~Rosaire Biron for “a good start”!  During his career to date, in State Tournaments, Jacques finished 1st three times and 2nd four times. He won the “Annual FL State Doubles (red line event) 3 consecutive years, each year with a different partner!  In 1999-2000, Jacques won both Florida State Doubles and Singles.  In 2001 he won the US Nationals at Lakeside OH, both singles and doubles.  As an aside, I watched the final match at Lakeside for the US National Singles Championship~~2001.  It was played in the evening with no other matches going on~~a large crowd in attendance and all eyes and ears glued to the action.  Without a doubt it was the very best match that I have ever watched and it literally went “to the wire”!!  In the 1993-94 season, Jacques earned 75 points!! Two of his partners that season were Rosaire Biron in St. Petes and Rita Cronkhite in Clearwater.  Jacques was inducted into the Florida State Hall of Fame in 2002. 

THE SHUFFLER salutes a distinguished career and a distinguished individual!!

Story written, as far as I can determine, in August of 2003. Stan 2012 11 26.   Posted with the MVP award of 2012 11 26 > pres. Of Pin made at Boynton Beach by Ken Offenther

GO HERE TO READ THE PRESENTATION REMARKS by KENNY OFFENTHER on the occasion of Jacques being the recipient of the MVP (Most Valuable Person) award!!And the MVP goes to Jacques Bergeron! | Your Source for Shuffleboard News (theshuffler.net)

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1 Response to We Tell You Just A Little About Jacques Bergeron

  1. Glen Peltier says:

    Jacque and i played many tournaments together and we sure won our share. He was a superstar. We booked the doubles in Las Vegas in the big money tournament, I could tell in the singles if we won a few rounds we would play each other in the dreaded quarters, It went three games but i just barely beat him. I finished second to Charley Griffin. Jacque and i went on and won the doubles. Jacque was an excellent player and was easy to win with. I hated to see Jacque retire because very few like him come along. I bet he could still play well today.

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