We Tell You Just A Little About Jay Davidson.

This is “Texan Bob Webber” commin at you from San Antonio Texas. 

I received this today from Jay Fitzpatrick President of Hendersonville Shuffleboard. I thought I would pass it along. The Hendersonville Club is on the RISE!  Yahoo!  Great news!! 

The area is very pleasant in the summer and has a lot to offer along with a great group of shufflers and some challenging courts. If you are in the area stop by next summer and check it out. Bob Weber.

The message below is to Bob Weber, from Jay Fitzpatrick: 

Thanks a lot for all the coverage you provided the rest of the Shuffleboard world about Hendersonville. This year alone we had 5 couples and a single guy purchase places in Hendersonville so they will be here during the entire season next year. A few more (from the East-West Tournament) said they might be back next season.

This year we had our numbers increase to 98 (players who were with us for at least 2 months). Two years ago the number was only 72. Out of the 98, we have about 55 – 60 who play tournaments. The rest just play in our Placement Tournament, Turkey Shoot, Saturday Hoss Collar, and our 10 week Special Friday Tournaments run by Richie Burrell and his wife, Carolyn. We also offer Poker and Cribbage every Monday night throughout the year and a weekly Wednesday (4:30 PM) card game for the ladies.

Hope you had an enjoyable summer traveling around the country. However, I am hoping that you have gotten that wanderlust out of your system and will be making plans to spend next summer with us at Hendersonville. We really do have a great group of people and you would add an awful lot of enthusiasm, knowledge, playing ability, and friendship to our club.

Jay   (Jay Fitzpatrick, President of Hendersonville Shuffle) 2012 10 09. 

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