We Tell You Just A Little about Jiro Chiba.

FROM JIRO CHIBA on Kosai’s beliefs 2007 07 18.

Dear Stan,
First of all, I completely agree to Kosai’s philosophy. I have same idea about this subject.
I was born in 1930 in Tokyo, and experienced World War Ⅱ in high school age.
I have experienced a lot of difficulties in my past life such as many sick and distresses.
Fortunately, I am still alive and cheerfully.  
Particularly, my wife and I enjoying the shuffling life today.
We have just started shuffling in JNSA in November 2003 (3 years 9 month ago, 73years old) after retired.
So, I don’t know Mr. Kosai and Masaru Takada. At that time already they were gone.
But the Shuffling gave us new lives and new way to live.   We are enjoying today’s lives.
A lot of aged people around us suffer their lives, particularly, on unhealthy problems.
To enjoy his or her life, they must be healthy. Otherwise, we can’t enjoy the lives.
Shuffleboard is the most suitable sports for aged people to keep their healthy not only bodily but also mentally.
The shuffleboard required to train both things physically 20~30% and mentally 70~80% skill.
There’s no snail person in JNSA and long life average 70years old now. The oldest active person is 85 (Mrs. Sakamoto)
and 83( Mr. Hayashi will participate Midland as a player of men’s team). They are enthusiastic players.
We want give a lot of thanks to Mr. Kosai who had introduced shuffleboard into Japan and made effort to expand worldwide.
Unfortunately he was gone, but his effort and results has been continued and never forgotten.
I would like to make effort to promote the shuffleboard game into more widely not only in Japan but also Asian countries on left of my life.

Jiro Chiba  

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  1. Joan McCurdy says:

    Thank you.


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