We Tell You Just A Little About Jim and Beth Allen


Our trip to Egypt was fascinating to say the least!  It is hard for an American — whose country is 233 years old — to fully comprehend a civilization so advanced – yet buildings that were 4900 years old!

I must brag a bit on the reason for this trip.  My son Tim had been studying at Georgetown University for his Masters Degree in Arabic Linguistics when he was awarded a one year scholarship through the State Department for a critical language program at the American University of Cairo.  He started his education in Cairo June 1st, 2008.  So Tim had been over in Egypt studying for 7 months before our visit.  We all missed him dearly, and at the same time wanted to see the sights that Egypt offered.  So we put Beth to work (she is really a part time travel agent) and decided to spend Christmas in Cairo.  This was the best time not only since both of my sons were out of college at the time, but it was easier on Beth’s business and my business also.  Beth and I traveled with my son Stephen on this trip, and of course Tim.  Stephen had the unique experience of turning 20 in Cairo, Egypt!

We landed in Cairo Dec. 22nd, 2008.  It is impossible to describe the chaos they call traffic, yet the taxi drivers are very helpful and if you hold on tightly you arrive safely to each destination.  Our first tour was Tim’s University — the American University of Cairo.  We sampled our first taste of Egyptian food here.  As impressive as the buildings are, the food in Cairo is not held to the same standards.

The following day we visited the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.  It would take days, weeks perhaps to fully visit the artefacts stored in this museum.  Most of the items found in King Tut’s tomb are exhibited here.  It was perhaps the most intriguing museum I have ever visited, although I still have a special place in my heart for the British Museum in London.

The following day we visited the Pyramids.  It’s hard to imagine that the Great Pyramid was the tallest building built by man until 1889  when the French designed the Eiffel Tower almost 5,000 years later!  They are impressive in books, more impressive in person.  The 4 of us enjoyed a one hour camel ride around the 3 Great Pyramids in Giza, and ended up in the front of the Sphinx statue.  I believe we all agreed this was the highlight of the week.

We then got adventurous and booked a sleeper train to Luxor, 447 miles south of Cairo.  While in Luxor we toured the Luxor temple, Temple of Karnac, and The Valley of the Kings.  Each is impressive in its own right; however I was particularly stunned by the Valley of the Kings.  You are allowed to tour 3 of the King’s tombs with your ticket  – each of the tombs is unique enough yet still indescribable in beauty.  The hieroglyphics are so well preserved, as are the drawings on the walls.  The tombs have been ransacked by thieves over the years, which is what made the discovery of King Tut’s tomb in 1922 all the more significant.  Since his tomb was actually under another, it went undetected by thieves and therefore was the only tomb with all the treasures still inside.

We returned back to Cairo for one last day, visiting the Citadel mosque as well as the local marketplace.  The people in Egypt could not have been any kinder to us, and although the country is 90% Muslim and 10% Christian they work side by side in peace and harmony.  In fact, we were shocked to see so many Christmas decorations in the hotel and shops! 

It was a trip however that would be impossible to take without an Arabic speaking tour guide.  We do however recommend that anyone interested in this unique historical country please visit Egypt.  It will be a trip of a lifetime, as it was for ours!

Submitted by Jim and Beth Allen.  2009-01-14. 

Today at 10:07 AM 2014 10 29 Jim Announces Details Re. Norfolk Open

Hello Stan, I will start with an introduction of Peter and Lesley Davis.  These fine English folk would vacation to Florida, and in 1986 played shuffleboard for the first time.  They were hooked!  Peter went back to Norfolk, England and constructed a court at the side of their house.   He even contacted Sam Allen in 1988 with the intent of promoting the sport (note:  we have the original letter on file!).   Twenty years later Peter launched a company called Shuffleboard Europe to promote the sport of shuffleboard, and sales of shuffleboard equipment throughout Europe.  The name was changed in 2011 to Norfolk Boards as other sports, including cornhole games, were added.

Their website is http://www.norfolkboards.com/ and has introduced the sport of shuffleboard to thousands of Europeans who otherwise would never know of our sport!

Peter and Lesley continue their love of the sport, and just last year flew over to witness the ISA Tournament in St Pete, Florida.  They attended both the Hall of Fame Banquet and the Awards Banquet.  Both of them plan on applying to play in the ISA Singles Tournament in Clearwater in October 2015.

This past year they formed a shuffleboard club in their local town of Norwich, and currently have about 30 players learning the game.  The club is interested in seeing how they fare with other players and has organized a tournament in April 2015.  The venue chosen was an 800 year old church called St Andrews.  The picture above shows a test for the flooring – and despite the ancient age of the facility the test proved successful.  There will be 6 full sized courts used for the Norwich Open, and 2 smaller courts set up to be used to demonstrate and teach the sport of shuffleboard to interested English players.  Bleachers will be available for spectators on one end of the venue as well.

Roughly 40 players from North America will be traveling to England in April 2015 with the intent of teaching and promoting shuffleboard, as well as to participate in the Norwich Open Shuffleboard Tournament.

You can go to Facebook and like the Norfolk Boards page and follow the activities of Peter and Lesley Davis, including the events and plans for the Norwich Open 2015.

Jim and Beth Celebrate 15 Years of Marriage.

Jim and Beth Allen celebrate 15 years of marriage on 2013 04 18.  Both are deeply, intensely, involved with Shuffleboard, both totally involved with the 32nd ISA World Championship in St Petersburg, both totally involved with the Inaugural to Norway, and of course, each heavily involved with operating a business!!   I have chosen a pic (see very top left pic) of the two of them “cutting the cake” in Germany in 2008 as we celebrated their 10th Anniversary!! We were enjoying the German/Holland Inaugural.

Amsterdam with its many romantic canals is known as the Venice of the North.  It certainly translated into romance for Jim and Beth as Jim was moved to present Beth with a Diamond Ring acquired in a renowned establishment in Amsterdam.  The pic above is “ONE HAPPY LADY”!! This was just one of several occasions on which we celebrated Jim and Beth’s 10th!

Jim and Beth: From all Shufflers, wherever it is played, we wish you and Beth the very best!!  Happy 15th Anniversary.

Stan & Lois McCormack.  2014 04 15.

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4 Responses to We Tell You Just A Little About Jim and Beth Allen

  1. Glen Peltier says:

    I was fortunate enough to have known Jim Allan many years before he got involved with the shuffleboard end of the sporting business the Allan family was involved in. Long before Beth came on the.scene. Beth was a perfect fit for Jim. Together they work night and day. They travel the world together promoting shuffleboard. I have seen over and over for 30 years just how good and honest the entire Allan family has been with their customers. With jim, a handshake is all that is needed. I wish them a long and happy retirement. Both will be playing shuffleboard i am sure.


  2. debsturat says:

    A great read. Thank you!


  3. Joan McCurdy says:

    Thank you to you both for all you do for shuffleboard.


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