We Tell You Just A Little About Jim and Marlene Corbeil

 Jim Corbeil > Advice from Earl re holding Cue.

I have a little story.  This past winter I was playing in a Central District Tournament in St Cloud. I had been missing a good number of shots that I should have made. I mentioned it to Earl and he asked me to show him my stroke. Well I grip the cue like I was afraid I would drop it. Earl said hold it lightly in your hand and relax. When you make your shot follow through and don’t pull your cue back until the disk has stopped. Well I worked on my delivery all winter, it seemed every time I got a little uptight I would go back to squeezing the cue and miss my shot.

Well the last tournament I was at was Fort Pierce and my partner was Glen Peltier. We played our first match and won it, we moved on to our second match and lost the first game. When we switched  colours we won the second. We lost the lag and we started the third game. Well Glen must have thought I was trying to throw the match, I squeezed the cue just like old times, and I started missing my shots. I mean missing, I couldn’t  even hit an open disc. Glen kept us in the game making great shots and I kept missing. Well I stepped  back and looked at the scoreboard and thought of what Earl said, don’t squeeze the cue, relax  and follow through. 

We went on and won the match and moved on to Quarters and won that as well> to make a long story shorter. We ended up placing fourth in the main,  (through no fault of mine) So from now on if I go back to my old way, and I likely will, I will stop and think of what Earl told me.

Thank You Earl. Jim Corbeil


At time of writing, 2010-02-10, Jim Corbeil is “leading the pack” in the race for 1st place in the Reiny Schleier Season Competition for the District Amateurs of the Central District of the FSA.   We asked Jim to tell us a bit about himself.   The Shuffler. 

Jim Corbeil:  I started to Shuffle with the encouragement of Art and Anita Shorts in Frost Proof Florida.  As I was new to shuffleboard, I was surprised to hear that my home town in Ontario, Thedford, had a shuffleboard facility.

That summer my wife and I went home and joined the Thedford Shuffle Club.  The next year I became president of the Club and started to learn the game of shuffleboard as well as making many new friends.  I shuffled for three years in Winter Haven and this year decided to work harder at the game and learn more about the art of Shuffling.  I made my goal of State Am and I am looking forward to playing and learning more about the game.  I really enjoy shuffleboard because my wife Marlene and I can play and compete together.  We are trying to move up at the same time and help each other as much as possible.

We have met a lot of people, great people, in this sport and look forward to many more years of fun, enjoyment and good competitions.

Submitted by Jim Corbeil.  2010-02-10

Stan speaks on 2021 01 08: Click on this address: MUST READ: Can You Top This??? Why Not Send Along Your Story?? | Your Source for Shuffleboard News (theshuffler.net) and, Stan with ANOTHER MUST READ: A Follow-up to Jim Corbeil’s “gutsy” Walk on the Edge of the CN Tower in Toronto, ON 553 m above street level!!! | Your Source for Shuffleboard News (theshuffler.net)

The 2016 CNSA National; We Tell You Something About the Prime Organizers!!

I share with you a little about the Organizers of the 2016 CNSA National Tournament at Woodstock, ON beginning May 30 for AMs and June 1st for the Experts.  Location; COWAN PARK: 895 RIDGEWOOD DRIVE, WOODSTOCK, ON N4T OA6

Jim and Marlene Corbeil have been active in Shuffleboard for some considerable time.   Both shuffle in FL’s Central District during the winter; both have become intimately involved in the organization of activities at Winter Haven.  Just this spring we shared with you that the City of Winter Haven was promoting evening shuffleboard for the citizens of their city. Click to see the similarity to the Bradenton Millennial Project: https://theshuffler.net/2016/04/12/winter-haven-does-it-again-april-20th-1730-to-1930-at-the-shuffleboard-courts-250-south-lake-silver-drive/   

The Corbeils are even more involved in Shuffleboard in Canada!!  Jim has been the 1st VP of the CNSA for the past two years, AND, the Nominating Committee of the CNSA has advanced his name for President in the upcoming election.  Jim likes bright colours!!  On the left we have Jim, daughter Deb and son-in-law Dave at the top of the 2nd tallest structure in the world!!  The CN Tower.  Rumour has it the same 3 just may jump out of a plane this year!!! Who said Shuffleboard is just for old folks??? 

In 2015 and again in 2016, Jim and Marlene have been able to involve the Community > and by that I mean the City Mayor and Council as well as city businesses!!  Gold Sponsors, those who donate $200.00 include RBC Wealth Management; Woodstock Royal Bank; Woodstock TD Canada Trust and Woodstock Sierra Construction Woodstock.  Silver $150 Quality Inn Woodstock; Woodstock Toyota and Best Western Woodstock.  Bronze $100 ThePlanetD.com.  The icing on the cake > the City of Woodstock has paid the $1,238.00 to cover the cost of Cowan Park, the facility where the event is held!!  SHUFFLERS, BY REASON OF THE “GOOD WORK” OF THE CORBEILS, the tournament is ahead by $2,588.00!!

Let’s tip our hat to Jim and Marlene Corbeil for a job WELL DONE!!  Their enthusiasm and determination have paid off!! 

Stan McCormack, 2016 05 06.

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1 Response to We Tell You Just A Little About Jim and Marlene Corbeil

  1. Glen Peltier says:

    Well, i,m one up on most folks. I,ve stayed at the Corbeils several times during tournaments in Canada. Their home is not only beautiful and large but they made my stay wonderfull beyond words. As you know Jim is a vegan and they can make a meal fit for a king. Their exceptional daughter and son in law usually prepares the food and it Is so delicious. An after dinner pool game on his table is a pleasure. Jim is my partner in the Candian tournaments and i often have the pleasure of playing with Marlene in the mixed in Florida. Jim tells me he had a hot tub installed on one of his decks. Is it any wonder they are my life long friends.

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