The Coldwater Shuffleboard Club Takes a Cruise!!


Last evening, June 16th, 2006, 10 Members of the newly formed Coldwater Shuffleboard Club joined with the Coldwater Curling Club and “set sail” ~~ well not quite, but we did go for a cruise on beautiful Georgian Bay, leaving from Midland, traveling to Honey Harbour and returning to Midland.  The cruise was actually to celebrate the successes of the Coldwater Curling Club and especially two very successful Members of Note!!  Skip Sherry Medauh and Skip Glen Howard, and their respective teams.  Both Sherry and Glen were present, both spoke and both received accolades from across Canada.  Both teams competed in the Olympic trials earlier this year. 

The top pic is of the Traveling Piphers and their MPP (Member of the Provincial Parliament) Mr. Garfield Dunlop.  Mr. Dunlop was unable to attend the official launch of the Coldwater Shuffleboard Club, but he has demonstrated strong support of the Shuffling Activities.  Dunlop offered these remarks to THE SHUFFLER: “I think the Pipher Team has put together one fantastic Shuffleboard Organization and from this point onward we can look forward to lot of positive physical activity by the Club Members”.   We should note that Mr. Dunlop spent a good deal of time chatting with the Shuffleboard Members on Board.  A fine dinner was served following the presentations to the Medauh and Howard Rinks!  All in all, we enjoyed a fine evening!!  Our congratulations to the Curlers and our thanks to the Piphers of Coldwater, ON. Shufflers out there please note; Coldwater has produced some of the best curlers in the universe!!  Their Shuffling Programme just may be equally successful!!  2nd pic is of some of the Coldwater Shuffleboard Members. 

Stan of THE SHUFFLER.  2006 06 17.    

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