We Tell You Just A Little About Jim Hundley


It was announced in Lakeside following the final Ohio State Tournament, July 16th, 2009 that Jim Hundley was retiring as a Tournament Director.

Jim was a mild manner peaceful gentleman, content with his contribution to the sport of shuffleboard.  And of course, so he should be.  Jim had been a Tournament Director for many years, always thinking of the sport and how best he could serve. Jim did his best to get the Results out promptly, thus contributing to the interest and enthusiasm we need. Thanks from all Shufflers for your many years of service. 

The top photo is taken in the office at Avon Park, the bottom photo in Lakeside OH.  In both locations, Jim performed with dedication.

Lorraine Pollock of the Central District had this to say: “I just read that Jim Hundley directed his last tournament in Ohio. Jim is a great guy. He taught me so much about being a tournament director. He was always patient and kind with me. He is a great friend. We will miss him in Central District but look forward to visiting with him this winter when he visits Sebring. Lorraine” 

Sandy Quinn offered these remarks: “Jim Hundley’s final tournament, and thanks to Rich Phifer, we surprised Jim with a large colorful banner signed by everyone.  Jim, you’ll be missed but never forgotten!”

If you have remarks, please leave them in the Guest Book. 

Stan of The Shuffler.  2009 07 28.

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