We Tell You Just A Little About John and Mary Beth Heron

John and Mary Beth Are Not in Florida, BUT they are with us in Spirit!!

HI GUYS!!! (Stan writing in 2005)  To-day, on the way home from Florida’s West Coast,  Sarasota and Bradenton where Lois and I attended the FSA Hall of Fame Banquet, we made a detour to Winter Haven, FL~~site of the US National Singles Tournament.  Our purpose was to get pix of all the winners, pix which will be posted later on the web-site

We arrived as the tournament was winding down. To no one’s surprise, 2 Scugog Club Members were in the winner’s circle!! 

The BIG WINNER had already been proclaimed~~and that big winner was Mary Beth!!  1st Place in the Championship Event of the Woman’s US Nationals!!  For those of you who may not know, this win carries with it a “One Only Pin”~~a Pin that can only be presented once in a lifetime to anyone ~~ no matter how often you may win another National Event!!  It is a pretty classy pin and an equally “classy win” ~~ and just to keep this comparison going ~~ to a superiorly classy shuffler!!  Mary Beth: Everyone from the Scugog Club shares in your victory!! 

Not to forget the “other half” of this “Couple on the Move”, Mary Beth’s partner, you know the fellow that is somewhat shy about having his pix on the website!! When we left, he was going to play for 1st in the Men’s consolation event!!  Stay Tuned Folks.

Stan writing on 2013 02 11. 

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