We Tell You Just A Little About John Brennan

John Brennan teaming with Glen Peltier
finish 3rd in FSA Doubles at Clearwate

John and Glen partnered
in the FSA Doubles Tournament
today in Clearwater and finished
3rd in the Championship Event.
Great shotmaking was the order
of the day. In their match against
Larry Taylor and Jim Miller, John
made a superior shot that brought
applause from the crowd and a
win of the match.
John is from Pennsylvania
and last year with his wife Kathy
moved to Florida for the winter. It
was then that John first came to
the Clearwater Shuffleboard Club
to see what people were doing in
the building. Well thats all she
wrote. John became enthralled
with shuffleboard. He left last
summer disappointed that he was
not going to be able to find a
place to shuffle in Pennsylvania
during the summer.
When he returned to
Florida this fall he was ready to
make up for lost time. He is a very
regular shuffler in Clearwater and
WCD Tournaments. He dipped his
toe a few times in the Pro Circuit
and it was like heroin to an addict,
he was totally hooked.
This year John has
become a Director at the
Clearwater Shuffleboard Club and
is now responsible for maintaining
Clearwater courts.
When it was determined
that John had made “instant Pro”,
WCD Head Tournament Director
Barbara Henson explained all of
Johnʼs options to him. She explained
that he must make his decision today,
pro status now, pro status delayed, or
instant State Amateur. Yes, you
guessed it John was a District
Amateur when he entered the
Last year John was a first
year student of Glenʼs classes. This
year John assists Glen with the
classes and taking over for Glen if he is
unable to attend. Glen says “John does
a great job with the new students, he is
very patient and does not push them”.
For this tournament Glen wanted to
test his student and see how well he
was doing. Well it seems that Johns
natural ability, Glens instruction, and
Johnʼs regimen of practice, practice,
practice has paid off. In two seasons
he has done what many do not do in
many years.
Glen Peltier, Barbara Henson & John Brennan
(Continued on Page 2

After John was explained his
options he had time to go over them while
he was preparing for the next match.
During that time he asked numerous
shufflers for their advice. Wanting to do
what he thought was best he gave it plenty
of thought. John takes his shuffleboard
seriously and this was an important
decision for him.
While he was thinking over his
options a Canadian Player Manager
approached John. He had a Canadian
player that he represented that wanted to
play with John next season on “The Circuit”.
Shortly thereafter the player came to the
club to meet with John. Suddenly John was
being courted as the new “Wunderkind”.
Now, John has options of who he wants to play with. Many new
Pros have to wait years before they are accepted by other Pros or
they gain a reputation. Another common practice is for new Pros to
team up with other new Pros that they came up with. John is
thinking this one over carefully, again he takes his shuffleboard
There are seven Pros from
CSC that will have mixed feelings
about John turning Pro. Why would
someone have mixed feelings and
who are these Proʼs? They are the
seven Pros that thought they had
recruited the most talented CSC
Amateur for the seven “No Two Pro”
WCD Tournaments for next season.
John was highly sort after this month
when the new WCD schedule came
out. They will now be looking for
new partners.
C o n g r a t u l a t i o n s J o h n
B r e n n a n N e w F S A
Professional Shuffleboard Player.
John Brennan after
making instant Pro in
the HOF room next to
the pictures of other
Hall of Famers from
CSC Mickey Henson
and Wilbert Horn

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  1. debsturat says:

    Great story! Thanks.


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