We Tell You Just A Little About John and Dolores Brown


Rev. John L. Brown – FSA Hall of Fame Recipient – January 15, 2007 by Roy Norman.

It is my sincere privilege to mention some highlights about our fellow shuffler and recipient of the FSA Hall Of Fame Award – Reverend John Leroy Brown.

Apparently there are many John Browns in North America.  So many, that when John attempted to establish a screen name for his new computer last year it wasn’t sufficient to add his initial for his middle name so  he tried “Rev” John Brown and it worked. Now although there may be many John Browns in North America, we know that none, but none, could be like our colorful and talented John Brown.

My first encounter with John was January 22, 1994.  The evening before driving to Trailer Estates for a Pro tournament I received a call from my Southern District partner to tell me that he had taken his wife to the hospital and would be unable to play on the Monday.  So as I was looking for a partner – guess who was also looking for a partner to enter his first Pro Tournament in Florida.  That’s right a very young looking enthusiastic bubbly guy wearing a wooden cross with a smile a mile wide named John Brown – READY TO GO!  In that tournament we placed second place in consolation, earning John one half point towards his Amateur Status. He then completed his Amateur Status in a one-year period. During a second one-year period year he completed his Pro Status.   His first Pro point was earned at Sebring, on February 10, 1997.  This was a very slow start compared to the year 2002/2003, when he earned 40 points, contributing to his goal which he is celebrating tonight.

John has been and continues to be an ACHIEVER. Be it as – a class president; high school valedictorian; flying an airplane at age 16; obtaining his private license for carrying passengers in an airplane at age 17; being elected as Outstanding Farmer in Indiana at age 28; returning to university, at age 33, and graduating as an Ordained Minister; serving as a Chaplain of the Children’s’ Home in Berea, Ohio. At this time, John volunteered to offer “garden therapy” where he had as many as 80 emotionally disturbed gardeners using up to 51/2 acres of land for vegetables. He also supervised more than 100 Big Brothers and Big Sisters for 12 years; was a teacher; and even attended a Peace Rally in Russia with his daughter – Donna, who we are pleased to see, is here with us tonight. 

Once you know John you soon realize that he is a “fountain of knowledge” a walking encyclopedia a regular “Mr. Google”.  Talk about – politics, literature, history, geography, world travel, the comics, farming, comparative religions; how to grow lima beans; and yes ask the name of the invasive vine that is blanketing the trees in the southern states and John has the answer – Kudzu. Also, almost any topic mentioned reminds him of a good joke. And as we know John’s energy and drive to ACHIEVE did not stop when he retired.

The finale to his achievement was when Ben Coy and John won first place in Betmar to give John the final 5 points to make the magic total of 202 points for the FSA Hall of Fame Award.    

Without a doubt John’s accomplishments contributing to the sport of SHUFFLEBOARD IN FLORIDA have been a demonstration of intelligence, talent and perseverance. 

So finally, Rev. John L. Brown, we thank you for your major contribution to Shuffleboard. We are very pleased to see you recognized for your achievements as a Hall Of Fame player in your favorite retirement activity – SHUFFLEBOARD. 



This Article From the Bradenton Herald

We note here the centennial celebration of shuffleboard in the United States. Having come ashore in Daytona Beach in 1913 from a steamship sailing from England, shuffleboard spread across Florida, the United States and by now 14 nations in the International Shuffleboard Association.

Here in Florida, the centennial celebration will last 15 months. A special calendar begins now, lasting through December 2013, with beautiful historic photographs and notations.

In the spirit in which Brian Williams regularly pronounces “‘Nightly News’ begins now,” this column proclaims, “Shuffleboard centennial begins now.”

The beautiful and practical Centennial Calendar is available at $10, obtainable at Bradenton Shuffle Club weekday mornings (747-6184), or from District Vice-President Ron Nurnberger (231-690-1517), who accepts orders. This column may offer regular commentary on the artwork of the month for your enjoyment. Prepared by National Shuffleboard Keeper of Records Colleen Austin of the Southern District, this calendar will be a treasured souvenir keepsake of the shuffleboard community. Five hundred copies have been developed, so clubs should obtain a supply for members. The state and district tournaments each month are noted on the dates to be played, so players and fans will be informed for planning attendance. Call now for your copy or copies (potential Christmas or birthday gifts for the next generation). Comments or questions are also welcomed by this columnist at 941-756-8548.

Also available are souvenir coffee mugs and hat pins at $5 and a Centennial Banner will grace District and State Tournaments these 15 months.

What a glorious opportunity to promote this sport which can be enjoyed by people of all ages, each gender, with varied abilities. It helps keep our body, mind and spirit active at any age, and a place to make new friends, travel and enjoy oneself.

New readers may be unaware that from October to mid-April, at 9 a.m. Mondays state tournament competitions are held around Florida, and Thursday brings a district tournament to Manatee or Sarasota counties.

There are also national and international competitions on a wider area. Leagues play each season, once or twice a week, and clubs regularly compete right at home with much gusto and good spirit without traveling at all.

Southwest Coast District will offer schools and clinics to learn or polish your skills.

The price is free and worth every bit of it. Dates will be announced here or at our club.

We welcome your interest and participation.

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