We Tell You Just A Little About Pam and Phil Hill.

ISA 1ST Vice President Bilton Speaks: It is my honour and gives me great pleasure to nominate Canadian National Shuffleboard Association member Pam Hill into the International Shuffleboard Association, Hall of Fame, in the Special Awards Category.

The year was 2008, the place was Coolangatta, Gold Coast, Australia when I met Pam Hill. We were team mates on Team Canada. My love and friendship for Pam started here so far away from home.

Pam has held the position of HOF Curator for six years. She has spent countless  hours refurbishing the area which is located at the Clearwater Shuffleboard Club in Florida.  She has worked closely with Sam, Jim and Beth Allen. The HOF Curator is a continuing Work in Progress job.

Pam started shuffling in 1998. She is a member of the Clearwater Shuffleboard Club, where she has been secretary for 10 years. In addition, Pam has been on Executive Boards of District, State and International levels of shuffleboard..

Pam has participated in eight ISA tournaments. She has represented Canada and her birth country, England.

In 2012 ISA tournament at Seattle she  proudly represented Norway when ISA President  Michael Zellner asked her to be a team member on the Norway Womens Team.

Always a willing worker, Pam and husband  Phil were outstanding  volunteers at the 2002 ISA tournament in Clearwater. Now in 2015 she still is dedicated to shuffleboard and continues to be a faithful and committed worker on the Clearwater Shuffleboard Club committee for the 34th ISA World Shuffleboard Championship.

In Sochi, Russia in 2011 Pam won the European Cup Tournament. Pam always adds charm and lots of fun on these memorable inaugurals.

With all Pam’s achievements in shuffleboard she always displays true sportsmanship. Pam was presented with the Sportsmanship  Award at the 2014 ISA tournament in Midland, Ont.

Pam is dedicated to her ISA Historian/HOF Curator position. She is a great ambassador for shuffleboard.

Pam is most deserving of the ISA HOF award.

It is my privilege to nominate this Special Lady and Friend for this prestigious award.

Myrna Bilton,  ISA 1st Vice President

In 2012, Phil at the ISA in Seattle WA, was awarded the Merit Award for outstanding Interpersonal Relations and Sportsmanship behaviour

Phil and Pam travelled to NOT ONLY FL Tournaments, but also many International (ISA) Tournaments!!  (Lois too, received the award at the same time.)

I thought I would end with this wonderful short paragraph by Phil:  “Phil Hill started shuffling at ISA level in Midland, playing on a UN Team, and loving every minute of it. It was different; it was exciting playing against players from other countries who had little quirks, and oddities that made the game a challenge. Their manner of play was different; feet were wrong (in my mind), they never spoke (I like to break the ice with a word or two); the set up, and format were different, frame games instead of 75 points. No drift cards…loved it, it levelled the playing field. Now we are back in Midland after thousands of miles internationally travelled, from Sochi, to Seattle, playing shuffleboard, against people we have played against in ISA tournaments, from St.Petes, to Hohenroda, with their light lunches. Love it, love the folk….all of whom I consider to be friends of mine.”  Phil Hill.

Stan Speaks: To-day, 2018 07 31, Pam Hill held a “Gathering”, a get together of friends of Phil in the Cobourg Area.  I believe she was overwhelmed by the turnout!!  Phil had passed away on 2017 06 20. 

The Gathering was held in the Cobourg Legion, Cobourg, ON.  The Shuffleboard Community was represented, as indeed they should have been!!  Phil and Pam had been associate members of the Blackstock, ON Club, and Club President Ann accompanied by husband Bob (Davies) were present, representing the Blackstock Shufflers.

Also present were Barb and Jerry Blakely who live in the general area. And of course, yours truly was present. 

The Room in the Legion was a beehive of conversation, (can one have a beehive of conversation??)  and activity!!  I am prejudiced, in favour of Shuffleboard, so I have inserted a pic of the 4 Shufflers plus Pam.  (Stan took the pic.) 

Before closing, Pam expressed gratitude to those attending.  I read a brief article written by Phil in 2009.  Phil expressed the joys of competing in shuffleboard, AND the joy of the many relationships formed while competing.   

My assessment of the Gathering, a huge success!!  “I believe Phil will be very pleased!!!”  Kudos to Pam and Phil’s Daughter for organizing the event.
Stan McCormack.  2018 07 31.

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2 Responses to We Tell You Just A Little About Pam and Phil Hill.

  1. debsturat says:

    Lucky to know Pam, as she is an absolutely lovely person!!

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  2. Glen Peltier says:

    Pam has worked so hard on the Hall of Fame in Clearwater and the result of all her work is appreciated by so many, She is a big help in so many ways at the Clearwater club.

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