We Tell You Just A Little About Juanita Harlow

A07 NATIONAL AMATEUR MIXED DOUBLES; DECEMBER 7TH & 8TH, 2015 at Avon Park. You are invited!!

Avon Park of the Central District has hosted the only US National Mixed Doubles for State AMs and AMs, every year since 2004. 

This event, we believe, is Very Special for a number of reasons.

First; it is the ONLY National Mixed Doubles in FL!

Second; ONLY at a National event, can you earn a once in a life time Pin! 

Third; we are going to tell you A Story of Courage!! The Story of the very first Woman to win this tournament!!  The then US National President sent this message as soon as he received the results:

It gives me great pleasure to compliment Juanita Harlow on her 1st place finish in The Avon Park National Amateur Mixed Doubles. When you read the report by Stan McCormack and become aware of the physical conditions Juanita has overcome to play this wonderful game of shuffleboard, to win a National Tournament, can only be described as fantastic.

Jim Clayton, National Shuffleboard Association President. 2004 12 16

Remember: If you are a Shuffler anywhere in FL, a Shuffler who is NOT A PRO, you are eligible to enter this very special event!

Stan McCormack.  2015 11 15. 



   This phrase from a lady who has been through more suffering than most of us are able to comprehend!  Juanita Harlow just won the National Amateur Mixed Doubles held at Avon Park~~Dec 14, 2004, and in conversation with her I described her win as a Wonderful Victory~~she repeated the words with sincerity and thankfulness!!  In 2000, Juanita as a District Amateur, placed in the District Masters. In January of 2001 she underwent a hip replacement. She picked up an infection while in the hospital and since that date has had 6 operations and three (3) hips. For a period of 6 months, Juanita had no hip and during that time she got around with the aid of a walker. She told me that without a hip, your foot will not move forward without a conscious message from your brain, that is, you must tell your foot to go forward.  Juanita has rebounded!!  She began shuffling on October 6th and to-day, with partner Don Rood, finished 1st in the National Amateur Mixed Doubles~~an accomplishment that few of us can grasp.  Immediately after the Club President presented the coveted National Pin to Juanita, she rushed over to Lois, and said: “Pin this on me, right now!!”  Along with the phrase I have used as the title of this article, Juanita often employs two others:  “We must be powerful, not pitiful; and we must get better, not bitter”!!  The spirit and attitude expressed by these phrases, coupled with a strong belief in God has helped Juanita during what can only be described as a period of hell.  However; had you been present to-day to hear the cheers and the clapping when she won, and the many embraces from fellow players, you could understand why there was nothing but joy in her heart and a look of quiet confidence and satisfaction in her smile.  All Shufflers Salute this Act of Courage by Juanita Harlow. Stan McCormack of THE SHUFFLER 2004 12 14.

Letter from the US NSA President, Sandi Quinn

I called Juanita Harlow this afternoon (2015 12 02) and talked to her and her daughter.  So glad I did!  I had no idea how serious things have been for her in the last year.  I was very impressed Stan, with your article on her in 2004 and thought to myself then, “God bless this lady for her faith & spunk, and what an inspiration she must be to all who know her.”

    She was very glad I called and was able to talk to me with ease.  She told me a little about the last year and that she felt so blessed to be with her daughter and doing so well.  I congratulated her again on her 1st place in the Avon Park National M/D in 2004 and I could just feel her pride, even over the phone.  She said it was one of the best moments of her life and will never forget the feeling.  She said she is still having a little trouble w/short term memory, and she can’t walk at all.  But, she has full confidence of both being corrected in the future.  I thanked her for being such a wonderful inspiration to shufflers worldwide thanks to Stan’s article on her in 2004.  What a wonderful conversation we had.  She told me her daughter wanted to talk to me, thanked me more than once for calling and we said good-bye.

     Her daughter wanted me to know just how serious her mother’s fall of last Christmas day was and what she had been through. When Juanita fell she hit her head very hard on some furniture and dislocated her shoulder.  Because of the severe head injury, Juanita’s Doctors told her she would never be able to speak again, would never know her again and would never walk again.  They said it was irreversible brain damage.  Juanita was in the hospital for months, then in rehab for months.  After 10 months, with no significant improvement, her daughter took her home with her.  That was in Oct. of 2015.  She worked w/Juanita and by the grace of God she began to improve.  Her daughter told me she was ‘one old tough bird’ and they are getting along very well.  She also believes that Juanita will walk again.  She said the 3 hip surgeries were nothing compared to what Juanita has been through since last Christmas.  She thanked me for calling and making Juanita so happy.  Believe me, it was all my pleasure!

Sandi Quinn, US NSA President.  2015 12 02.    


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