We Tell You Just A Little About Kevin and Rita Davis.


I served in the Canadian Air Force in Germany from 1956 to 1959 as an Armament Systems Technician.  In this capacity I serviced the Airborne Radar used by our squadrons.  Lois and I lived in a “kleinaCowdorf”, very small town, Hugelsheim, Rastatt, situated a few hundred meters from the Rhine River. Hugelsheim is in the south west part of Germany, not far from Strasbourg, France. For the record this 3-year period was a wonderful part of our life.  We still fondly look back on the many good times we had, times made more enjoyable by the friendliness of our landlady and her family.

One got to know most everyone in your trade, as one might expect, while serving in the military overseas. This is the story of meeting one of my fellow airmen 46 years later!!

Now fast forward our story forty-six (46) years, and change the location from Germany to Camp Inn, FL, on hwy. 27 South. 

As we often did, Lois and I went to the Camp Inn Club House to play cards. That particular evening, I wore a sweater I had purchased while on a trip to Nova Scotia. (Our home is Ontario) On the back of the sweater were the words Cape Breton and Nova Scotia. 

In a somewhat abrupt fashion, I was approached and questioned as to my knowledge of Cape Breton.  My response was none to pleasant, an “in kind” sort of replyThe questioner asked if I knew anyone from Cape Breton. My reply; and this from a guy who can barely remember his wife’s first name!! “I once knew a guy in the military who was from Cape Breton ~~ His name was Kevin Davis”!!  Well, I thought the questioner was going to either faint or have a heart attack!!  His words: “How did you know my name??”  Of course, I did not know his name.  It suddenly became evident to us both, that by mere chance, we had come face to face, for our first meeting in 46 years.  Neither of us recognized the other ~~ and of course, why would we?? We had not communicated with each other in that entire 46-year period.  Note: Kevin Davis with wife Rita, still winter at Camp Inn, Stan and Lois now winter at Reflections On Silver Lake, Avon Park. Stan: 2004 12 23.

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