We Tell You Just A Little About Lynn Bell

From Lynn Bell, Captain of the Winning (1st place) Team of the 2016 WESTERN.  

Being the captain on the Alberta Grizzly Team for the past 10 years and winning the A Division again was such a great feeling for myself and our team and also Grizzly Manager Jack Sell. We have always had a very dedicated and sports minded team to play with. All the team are always at every game from 8:00 am till the end of the day, either playing on the courts, keeping scores for each other, or helping court managers to clean boards. They are always their cheering one another on rain or shine!! I am so grateful to our dear lord for giving me the privilege to play with such wonderful people!! I am also very grateful for being inducted into the Arizona Shuffleboard Hall of Fame in the player category!!!!.. Thanks to Dennis Stockman from our grizzly team for making this all possible for me! I have met so many great people in the past 20 years of shuffling that I will always remember and thank for being such great friends!! Once again thank you Lord for all that you have given me to be so thankful for. Thank you also Stan for everything you do for shuffleboard!! Lynn Bell

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