We Tell You Just A Little About “M&M” (Burnett)

RE Jacaranda by Muriel Burnett 2015 02 19

Wednesday February the eighteenth the Biltons and the Burnetts from Lazy Days Park in Fort Myers took advantage of a bye on their park shuffleboard league.  We decided to go for a nice country drive, and visit some shuffleboard friends at Lake Wales. 

Along the way, we decided to lunch at the historic Hotel Jacaranda at Avon Park. 
We were not disappointed.  Pictured below in the lobby we have Rendall and Myrna Bilton and Muriel and Murray Burnett.

You had posted an article a little over a year ago Stan, and I know you and Lois have stayed there.  Thank you for the recommendation.  It is fascinating, that the hotel was given its name in honour of a 150 year old Jacaranda tree, which had to be cut to make room for this historic hotel.  Opening in 1926 the hotel has hosted George Burns and Gracie Allen, as well as other celebrities.

Through a partnership with South Florida State College, culinary students perfect their talents by training in the Hotel  kitchen.

We highly recommend this to anyone looking for a relaxing lunch or dinner.

Muriel Burnett

M&M are into Family Research and at this very time, 2012 06 04, are in Scotland.  Muriel just this afternoon, sent along this message:

“Here we are in Banchory, Scotland. We found our castle! Crathes Castle  built in 1543 by the Burnett family, sold to the Scottish Trust in 1952. They must have had a lot of money at one time. I wonder where it went? LOL So far we have not met any of the Burnetts.

Last night we dined at the Burnett Arms Hotel, and had a lovely piece of cake decorated for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. We really feel we are a part of it here.” 

Murray and Muriel from Scotland.”

From All Shufflers: Happy Anniversary and continue to enjoy your Adventure!!  Life is Good!!   Stan McCormack. 2012 06 04 16:40 


Muriel and Murray Burnett are the “M&M” of Canadian Shuffleboard.  They winter in Fort Myers, and with the Holders, John and Lenore, they made the decision to participate in the National Mixed Doubles at Avon Park on December 2nd >> see earlier story about this event:  https://theshuffler.net/2013/12/10/us-nat-am-mixed-doubles-avon-park-2013-12-10/ 

The Burnetts had read the promotional item I had published with regard to the significance and desirability of the Historical Jacaranda Hotel in Avon Park Accordingly, they WITH 8 OTHERS, went for Lunch in the Jacaranda!!  I now insert their own comment with regard to the Lunch:

“Stan, thank you for the information. John and Lenore Holder, Murray and myself went over to Avon Park to play in the US National Amateur Tournament on Monday. Tuesday, at the completion of the games, a group of ten of us (including Moe and Teresa Vermeulen and Jim and Barb Howard) went to the Jacaranda Hotel for lunch. The linen tablecloths, and napkins, the piano music, and the elegant Christmas decorations made a very relaxing atmosphere to enjoy the great food. What a wonderful ending with a very welcoming group of new friends.” 

NOW IT GETS INTERESTING!!  Sharon Schuler, remember her from the story about the JACARANDA, sends along this message: “Thank you so much Stan.  We really do appreciate it.

Sharon Schuler

The Hotel Jacaranda

General Manager

Office 863-453-2211

Fac 863-453-2453

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2 Responses to We Tell You Just A Little About “M&M” (Burnett)

  1. Michael Zellner says:

    Muriel and Murray Burnett were always great sportsman and motivators who proudly represented Canada at the ISA World Championships during my presidency. Never saw either of them without a smile on their faces.


  2. debsturat says:

    Totally agree with Michael. above. Always a pleasure!


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