We Tell You Just A Little About M&S


Also see article below >> more to follow. 

John and Judy of M&S

Others approved for induction into the Special Category of the US National Hall of Fame were M&S owners and operatorsJohn Rosenkrans and his sister Judy Martinez.  M&S TROPHIES, ENGRAVING, GIRL SCOUTS AGENCY & OUTDOOR SHUFFLEBOARD EQUIPMENT (Arizona) is celebrating 50 years of business this year > 2009.  They treat their shuffling customers as friends and family, love the sport and are anxiously awaiting their own retirement so that they can become avid shufflers.   M&S is truly a Family business; although their father passed away in 2001, their Mother is in the store daily! 

John and Judy are major sponsors of the Bud Walrath National Singles (reported on The Shuffler), the Snowman and the Easter Bunny Tournaments, just to name a few!   When the ISA was looking for sponsors to pay for our On Board Music for a boat cruise, M&S were among the first to lend their monetary support, just as they did when the Avon Park Shuffleboard Club was raising money to help the citizens of New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina. 

Earl Ball reported this: “It only takes second to see the sparkle in Judy’s eyes and hear the enthusiasm she has for the opportunities this game has provided for all of us.  M&S always has new ideas to promote and better the game and that’s great for shuffleboard.  They were right there through the International Tournament held in Mesa >> to be sure everything was just perfect.”

Congratulations John and Judy! From the Shuffling Community. 

Earl Ball and Stan McCormack   2009-01 31. 

Again, this is a great honor for the both of us and our Mom, and in memory of our Dad, too!

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