We Tell You Just A Little About the Kings

MEET THE KINGS Warren and Lynda 2013 11 13

We retired about 9 years ago from Alaska.  Warren was with an oil company and I worked for a building contractor.  Prior to that, my folks resided here, at Snow to Sun in Weslaco, TX., and we would often come down here for a weeks visit.  They introduced us to the game of shuffleboard (an old peoples game!!!!!), and surprisingly enough, I found that I really enjoyed the competition and the people.  When we retired, we returned to home, in Oklahoma, but would come down to the valley annually, at first for just a few weeks, then for the season.  Three years ago we sold out in Oklahoma and made Texas our home.  I began playing tournaments about 7 years ago, and Warren followed the next year (he preferred golf at that time).  My first trophy came with a lady partner in my first full season, and from then on it was full steam ahead.  I made expert in two years, and Warren followed the year after.    Our first national win was in 2010 in a mixed doubles at Trophy Gardens.   While Warren is a born and bred Texan,  I am a Canadian and do not like the Texas summers,  so we would hook up the RV in May and travel around until September.  We were keeping our eyes open for a place to call our summer home.  Some friends here in the valley suggested we try out N. Carolina last summer.  They convinced us that it was a beautiful area and the shuffleboard was fun.  We went last June, planning on about a month there, then headed up to Canada for my folks 65th wedding anniversary and a family reunion.  Didn’t really have any plans for after July so decided to go back to NC for the month of August.  We were convinced to stay for the National Tournaments followed by the East/West games, we didn’t get out of N.C. until Sept. 21st, and by that time had decided to buy a mobile home in the park we were camped at.    This season,  we were again convinced (by the same friends) to go with them up to Ohio for the National singles and doubles, which we did, and loved it and plan to go again next year,  adding in the National mixed (again convinced by the same people) in Greenville, OH.   I have been the chairperson of our club for 4-5 years, and the Sec/Treas. for the RGVSA going into the 3rd year.    We have continued to enjoy the competition, but even more than that are the friendships we have made with people all over the country.   We have found that for the most part, people are fierce competitors on the courts, but then a hug or a handshake and the game is over and we can go out and eat.  The game continues to give us a reason to get up in the morning to play, and sleep well at night after a full day.

Hope this is kinda what you are looking for.  Do with it as you will.  Think you have the pics from the state and nationals in H’ville already.    To see those pix from the Eastern National, enter the words Lynda and Warren   into the search rectangle and hit search.               Lynda King. 

Stan’s Note: thank you so very much Lynda and Warren.   I look forward to meeting you both.  2013 11 13.

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2 Responses to We Tell You Just A Little About the Kings

  1. debsturat says:

    Hendersonville is lucky you decided to call it home for 1/2 the year!!!


  2. Joan McCurdy says:

    Very interesting. Thank you.


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