We Tell You Just A Little About Mac Camaione.

Effective June of 2017 MACK CAMAIONE WINS AGAIN

Mack Camaione won 7 games and racked up over 400 points today at the Mingles/Singles held on the Lakeland Courts winning the Championship.  Many of you won’t know who Mack is.  He is an amateur member of the Lakeland Club and a good amateur.  Mack is a good person and I say that because the other amateurs tell me so.  He tries to help the new players and we have several, all Ladies.  He treats them well even when they lose games that they have won and with Mack as their partners.  He smiles, encourages them and tells them it’s OK.  It’s not often that so many, including me, speak so highly of a player.  Sometimes the good guys do win!

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1 Response to We Tell You Just A Little About Mac Camaione.

  1. Tom Moeller says:

    I enjoy playing with Mac,he’s a super nice guy and always has a smile,

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