We Tell You Just A Little About Malcolm Crowder.

Malcolm Crowder is the Incoming President of the ASA

No Ian Reiher was not voted out of office; the ASA Constitution places term limits on the office President.  Ian and Marj have performed with distinction and Ian will continue as Secretary, 1st VP and Past President. We look forward to having Ian and Marj at the October, 2013 Super Event in St Petersburg, FL!!

Not everyone may know incoming President Malcolm so I thought it would be appropriate to tell you just a bit about him.  I first began communicating with Malcolm Crowder in July of 2003.  At that time he was obtaining information with regard to the Mesa AZ Event in an attempt to have a good turnout from Australia. 

I first met Malcolm at the 25th ISA in Lakeside, OH, 2006.  Here is his pic at that time, taken at the Banquet with Jim.  His wife Louise took seriously ill and they had to fly home. Here is a pic of the two of them, this time at the Banquet in Australia in 2008, below.  

Malcolm is a member of the ISA Hall of Fame, inducted in 1999 for a list of achievements, especially with regard to his achievements in establishing shuffleboard in Australia and other parts of the world. 

Malcolm tells me that providing Louise’s health permits; they will attend the 2013 32nd ISA World Championship in St Petersburg, FL.  We look forward to seeing them both.

Good to have you back Malcolm. 

Stan McCormack.  2012 10 08.  


POSTED ON BLOG ON 2016 10 02.  c/w Pic of He and Louise at 2008 ISA in AU

In closing the 2016 Australian Shuffleboard Association Annual meeting on the 26th September Association President Ian Reiher drew attention to Malcolm Crowder having decided to retire from the Management Committee and having not offered himself for reelection.

Ian referred to Malcolm being instrumental in bringing US style land shuffleboard to Australia and constructing the Coolangatta courts in the early 1990’s. Ian pointed out that Malcolm had been a member of the Management Committee of the Association in various capacities since its inception in 1994. Malcolm had been President for four terms of two years.

Ian thanked Malcolm for his services to shuffleboard over the years and this was greeted with acclamation from all members present.

In reply Malcolm said he hoped to continue playing shuffleboard from time to time for years to come and as far as his other commitments allowed.

Sent from my iPad Ian Reiher

Dear Stan,

Today I had a ring from Malcolm Crowder’s son Peter who advised that Malcolm passed away last Sunday the 23rd of September.

Malcolm leaves his wife Louise and the children from his first marriage.

Although over the last year or two due to his failing health Malcolm had only been spasmodically involved with shuffleboard, he will be  long remembered for his long involvement both here in Australia and with the ISA.

Malcolm was instrumental in bringing shuffleboard to Australia by organising the construction of the Coolangatta courts and the Inaugural tournament in 1991, he was then involved with the setting up of the Australian Association of which he was President on a number of occasions.

Malcolm organised the Australian Association becoming a member of the ISA and was a Vice President of the ISA for a number of years.

Both Malcolm and Louise played in a number of ISA tournaments,  the last that Malcom played in was the 32nd at St Petersburg in 2013 where he offered the supporting remarks for the Lifetime Achievement Award for his long time friend Sam Allen.

Malcolm was admitted to the ISA Hall of Fame in recognition of his outstanding contribution toward International Shuffleboard, he was also a Life Member of the Australian Association.

Kind Regards.        Ian Reiher

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