We Tell You Just A Little About Alphonse and Phoebe Marchand

Alphonse and Phoebe Marchand were recognized by the Canadian National Shuffleboard Association on Thursday, July 7, 2016, near Chatham, Ont. for their contribution to the sport, including hosting the first Canadian Open shuffleboard tournament in 1980. Pictured, from left, with a plaque honouring the Tilbury, Ont. area couple, are; grandson John Carson, Henry Strong, immediate past president of the CNSA, and Glen Peltier, friend and long-time local shuffleboard player. (ELLWOOD SHREVE/THE DAILY NEWS)

The Canadian National Shuffleboard Association (CNSA) will hold a special celebration on July 7th 2016, at the Thames Horizon Shuffleboard Club, Mackness Farm, 9622 Longwoods Road, Chatham, ON   

The CNSA is celebrating the first sanctioned “Open” Shuffleboard Tournament in Canada.   The original event was held on the farm of Alphonse and Phoebe Marchand in Tilbury East in 1981.  

The Marchands built their courts in 1966 and all of their free time was taken up with shuffleboard. Membership increased every year. In 1980 the membership was 110 and in 1981 it was 250.  The entire Marchand Family pitched in to support Shuffleboard.

Fourteen direct descendants of the Marchands will be present for this commemorative event. 

A plaque will be presented to the Chief Executive Officer of the Chatham Kent Public Library, to be hung in the Tilbury Library, 2 Queen St., Tilbury, ON.    The plaque will keep the Memories Alive with regard to Shuffleboard and the contribution of the Marchand Family.

For information and/or follow-up please contact Stan McCormack at Stanistheman_200@yahoo.com     

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