We Tell You Just A Little About Marlene Coburn

Born in Bay City, Michigan, Marlene moved frequently to various parts of Michigan.  Marlene retired from General Motors in 1984 and migrated to Franklin, NC and Bradenton, FL with her husband Carson.  Marlene and Carson have been married 34 years. 

Marlene started shuffling in 1995 and immediately fell in love with the game.  She felt that she had found her niche in life.  She did not travel to tournaments out of the area initially, but due to her love of the game, started travelling to tournaments part time.  She has met many wonderful people in her shuffling career and has been blessed by having many wonderful partners that helped her achieve the 200 points for the Hall of Fame.

Marlene did not think she would be able to shuffle in enough events in 2015-2016 to get in the HOF this season.  When she achieved her points on February 23rd, she felt like she was on cloud nine.  Her family will tell you she did not come down for several days.

Marlene would like to give special thanks to Lois Wegner, who was her partner on this momentous day.  Marlene hopes to continue to shuffle and help others reach their goal of 200 points, so they may experience the thrill that she had the joy of experiencing. 

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