We Tell You Just A Little About Mary & Arnold Mueller

Hi Stan: (Mary writing in 2015)
Since this is not an Actifest year, there will be no games as such. There will instead be Regional games, this year being held in Kingston on Aug 12 for the one day only and 5 or 6 districts will get together to compete. I believe there are 16 venues being run. I’ll try and send you the email that we received about this event.
Our local shuffleboard tournament here in Brockville will be this Thurs so wish us luck. We’re hoping to go on to the Regional games in Kingston!
Busy summer here with shuffleboard – which Arnold and I run – usually around 12 – 15 teams showing up; then there is lawn bowling which runs on Mon and Thurs evenings, plus the outside tournaments. I’m not playing this summer as I have a torn tendon in my arm and another in my shoulder – painful! So I do kitchen duty! I should send you a pic of us galley slaves in our red aprons! Real classy!
We’re having a lot of company this year – sister from Germany, grandson from Edmonton, daughter from Washington State; I’ll be glad when Aug rolls around and we’ll have our little house back to ourselves.
We’re hoping to get down to Grosse Ile this summer to see the Irish memorial there where the immigrants from the Great Famine came in for quarantine. Some died on the ships coming over, some lived until they got to Quebec province and died on ships there waiting to disembark, some died in the miserable ‘hospital’ tents that were set up on Grosse Ile. So it will be a moving experience to see this display, I’m sure. My ancestors came over long before the Famine, so they missed that, thank God. I’ve been taking French lessons last fall and this spring, so will get to practise my Parlez-vous!
Anyway, that’s our summer as I see it now. Things have a way of changing when you’re not looking, as you know.
Best wishes to you and your family for a restful summer with no accidents or illness along the way!

Mary Mueller as Author:

Mary, when not shuffling, is an author!!  That is correct shufflers, Mary has authored two Fine Novels!!  “The Stone House” and “Long Way Home”.    Both are Great Reads!!  If you think you may be interested, contact Mary at: mailto:arnoldmary28@hotmail.com

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