We Tell You Just A Little About Mary Christensen


                                    SHUFFLEBOARD HALL OF FAME

                                         MARY L CHRISTENSEN

Mary is from Easton, Massachusetts. Extra curricular high school activities

included basketball, cheerleading, field hockey and softball. She and Bob her

husband, spend summer time in their camp in Gilmanton, New Hampshire

near Sawyer Lake.

They moved in 1990 to Winter Park in Zephyrhills, Fl. Both took shuffle

board lessons and their shuffle careers began. Her first trophy was earned in

1992. Mary made “Pro” in February 1995. The year before she played in the

1994 Amateur Reiny Masters Tournament. In 1996 the Christensen’s moved

to Betmar Park with covered courts. She played nine other times in the

end-of-the-year District Masters Classics, taking first place twice, most

recently in 2011.

Mary’s most memorable amateur tournament was a 1955 first place 89-team

event with partner Marshall Leigh at Woodall’s Park in Lakeland. She played

a critically special tournament with Dean Myklejord on January 9,2014.at

Sanlan  Ranch in Lakeland, yielding the coveted last point for District Hall of

Fame status.

She thanks you, for many partners, for your support. Thank you, Bob for our two wins together

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1 Response to We Tell You Just A Little About Mary Christensen

  1. stanistheman says:

    Mary had a stroke back in the March/April time frame. She passed on May 21st,2020
    Mary and Bob’s kids came and pickled them up and took them back to New Hampshire.
    Bob is currently in a Veteran’s Home in New Hampshire.
    No other details are available at this time.
    Submitted by Earl Ball of Betmar. 2020 06 01


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