We Tell You Just A Little About Max and Ruth Tate


To-day, March 19th, 2005 at Avon Park, the very first male and the very first female were inducted into the CD Hall of Fame~~Players Category!!  THE SHUFFLER has been able to obtain access to the remarks offered by the Presenters, Stan McCormack for the “first male”, and Ruth Tate for the “first female”. Note: We will also be providing coverage of the inductees into the “Special Category.” Return to this page tomorrow!!  Let’s “listen” to what Stan had to say as he “presented” Max Tate, the 1st Male Player into the CD HOF!!



The Central District of the Florida Shuffleboard Association (FSA), decided in 2003, that they would celebrate the success of a player when he/she achieved a point total of 100 points!  Points are allocated on the basis of 5 points 1st in the Championship Event; 4 for 2nd; 3 for 3rd; 2 for 4th; 2 for 1st in Consolation; and 1 point for 2nd, 3rd and 4th in Consolation.  Competition is keen at these weekly events~~average attendance 70 shufflers, plus or minus. Winning does not come easily, winning does not come often.  Skill, ability, determination, judgment, and yes enthusiasm and desire all help in the Sport of Shuffling! One player of the Central District has achieved that plateau, the first to do so, and that player is Max Tate. 

Max began shuffling at the Sebring Club in January of 1995.  It did not take him long to realize that “greater challenges” beckoned beyond Sebring. Within 1 month he was competing in “local tournaments”.  Max earned his State Am status in 1997; and his Pro Status in 1999.  In recounting some of the hilites, Max recalls a win in a District T., a Singles T. in which he played 6 matches WITHOUT A LOSS!!  (Lakeland)

Some plateau achievements:  District Masters competitor for the past 5 years; a winner of this event in March of 2001.  Of the other 4 occassions, Max never placed lower than a tie for 3rd. 

However; as important as winning is, Max never allowed this part of shuffling to consume him.  Never have I heard him offer a negative comment about his partner; never has “making that extra point” interfered with the administrative responsibilities he accepted:~~Chair of Shuffleboard at Sebring for 4 years~~1997 to 2001;  Club President at Sebring~~2001 through 2004; 2nd VP of the District~March of 2000; 1st VP of District~March of 2002; and President in March of 2004.  And that is only his contribution in FL. In Canada Max served as 3rd VP of the CNSA beginning June of 2003; and became the 1st VP on July of 2004.  He belongs to the London, ON Shuffleboard Club ~~ where he describes his role as “Chief Cook and Bottle Washer”~~I can attest to that, and folks, as you would expect~~the “bottles are kept well cleaned and the cooking is au courrant!! Max represented Canada at International competitions in California and Australia. He has been chosen as a member of the team to travel to Brazil this September~~at the ISA Event in Rio de Janeiro. Still with Canada; he won the  CNSA Doubles Champion [with Ruth] in 2003.  He was the -OSA Singles Champion in 2003.  

At the present time Max’s most complex and perplexing problem is dealing with change in the FSA.  He serves as Chair of the President’s Committee~~”How to Increase Participation in Shuffleboard Tournaments”.  As if this is not enough, Max is the Curator of the FSA Hall of Fame. In his spare time, Max enjoys golfing, boating and spending time with the grand children.  Max and Ruth reside in Hickory Hills which is a retirement community in the beautiful town of Tillsonburg, ON~~pop circa 14,000.  (A town immortalised by a famous Canadian Singer~~Stompin Tom Connors~~My back still aches when I hear that word!!) 

Ruth and Max have 4 children:  Lori, Bradley, Steven and Gary, and as noted above, 3 grand children. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, please acknowledge both Max’s contribution to the Sport, and of course, his achievement with regard to the 100 Points!! Stan McCormack (presenter) at CD HOF Induction 2005 03 19.


The Shuffleboard Inaugural to the U.K. was fantastic. Special thanks to Jim & Beth Allen and Carol & Les Phillips for the great job they did in organizing everything. Nothing was left to chance. There is no doubt that shuffleboard will become a popular sport in Eastbourne and area very soon. Special thanks also to Sam Allen & John Barnett for their efforts in staging this inaugural event.
We were fortunate to see many parts of England and a little bit of northern Wales during our two week stay. The country side varies from south to north, but all places visited were interesting and well maintained, considering the age of some of the properties. Betty & Philip Martin [many of you know them in Florida] from Scarborough, North Yorkshire, were our hosts for the first 5 days and also accompanied us to Eastbourne where they participated in the shuffleboard play for two mornings.
Next years Inaugural to Holland & Germany should be every bit as exciting.
Max & Ruth Tate. 2004 09 24

     Ruth Tate and husband, Max, started spending their winters

in Florida in January of 1995. They got interested in Shuffleboard

that first year.

     Ruth made State Am in 1997 an acquired her pro status in 2000.

She has played in the top 8 Central District Masters at all levels and

won the State Am women’s division in 2000.

     She has served on the Board of the Central District, on the Board of

the Sebring  Club and on the Ontario Shuffleboard Association. She was

certified as a tournament director in 2005. She was on the committee

for the Hall of Fame Classic for six years. Ruth and Max are responsible

for starting Parks Tournaments at Sebring, Avon Park and Winter Haven,

promoting and introducing new amateurs into tournament play.

     Ruth has always been an advocate of too many rules in Shuffleboard

which makes an unfriendly game at times. She just likes the enjoyment of

playing the game and having fun at it, but don’t never under estimate her.

She is a competitive player and can be a tough opponent on the courts to

beat. She battled cancer for 2 years and beat that, so you know how tough

and determine she can be.

     Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure and honor to present to you

for induction into the Central District Hall of Fame , my Friend, Ruth Tate.

Submitted by Ruth Brown,  March 13, 2015


Many of us received this glorious message from the Tates in our mail box to-day!! (See blue below)  What is typical is Max’s last line**, it is us who should be extending “best wishes”!! Ruth and Max have had what can only be described as one “hell of a summer” >> this break from “hell”, this month and a bit, will be appreciated by them both.  Imagine the happiness they must both feel as they depart for FL!!  I have a hunch that you will be able to shuffle with them both if you elect to participate in the Avon Park Mingles Shuffleboard Tournament on November 23rd!!  Bill Pollock tells me that he will have Avon Park’s new BBQ fired up to celebrate the occasion!!  Not only that, Ruth has assured me that she will have one of her many “stories” for you!!  My only regret is that we will not be with you!!!   

Ruth received the okay from the doctors in London today and the Tates leave for Florida on Saturday, November 3 and expect to be there until approximately December 15.  Our email address during this period will be as in past winters; mrtate@strato.net.  [Should be hooked up by November 6]

We will be home in Ontario for Christmas and probably until mid February when we hope to get back south. While in Ontario, we will go back to our AOL address.

**Ruth and I extend best wishes to all.  Max. THE SHUFFLER 2007 11 01

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2 Responses to We Tell You Just A Little About Max and Ruth Tate

  1. Max Tate says:

    Thanks Stan. Ruth did not get inducted under the player category until 2015. Nicole Archambault was inducted with me in 2005.


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