We Tell You Just A Little About George and Melody Potter

George and Melody Potter.

Melody and George Potter of BC  2016 06 14)

George and I have played shuffleboard for 6 or 7 years and just love the game. We have played in Norway and England on group trips arranged by Beth and Jim Allen. Now we want to introduce summer shuffling to the Kootenays of BC, here in our hometown of Yahk, 77 kms west of Cranbrook.

Pictures and comments to follow after our tounament in August 15-18 2016.

Melody Potter

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((Might want to search in Wikipedia for Yahk and associated story))

Hi Stan, I forgot to email you before we held our BC tournament in Yahk. We believe that this was the first floor shuffleboard tournament in BC. We had 24 entrants, 4 from Yahk, 8 from Cranbrook 2 from Summerland BC 5 from Sask. 4 from Alta. and 1 from Yuma Az.  

The Yahk/Kingsgate Community Hall made a perfect venue for our event. Our roll out boards worked well on the hall’s beautiful hardwood floor. And their outdoor kitchen with a large covered patio allowed us to have Monday night’s dinner outside among the beautiful tall evergreens. We served a country style meal…burgers, corn on the cob, salad and home made baked beans, with Arizona lemon pie and wild huckleberry tiramisu for dessert. The Yahk /Kingsgate Recreation Society helped us by offering lunch  for sale at the hall Tuesday and Wednesday.

Yahk is a very small town, more of a village really. Our tournament brought 3 couples locally to the motel, 2 rv’s dry camped at the hall and the others stayed in Creston, 25 minute drive west of Yahk. 

I had some trouble getting photos to send, but did manage to get this one of the 6 winners…the happiest group of tournament winners that I have ever seen. It was just that kind of event….everyone had a great time!

Back row, left to right, Consolation Winners;

  3rd place   Dale Schatz from Summerland BC

  2nd place  John Volk from Cranbrook BC

  1st place    Doug Sanders from Cranbrook BC

There was only 1 point between 2nd and 1st place….we had some very close competition!

Front row left to right, Championship Winners….All women!

  3rd place   Jane McWillie from Airdrie Alta.

  2nd place  Alice Archer from Regina Sask.

  1st place  Marilyn Sanders from Cranbrook BC

Also note, both first places were won by husband and wife, good going Mr & Mrs Sanders!

George and I really enjoyed hosting this tournament, with our good friend Dennis Kerr from Cranbrook acting as Tournament Director. Dennis did a great job on the charting for 24 people, no one had a buy. We played down to 6 Consolation and 6 Championship and then they played each other and won the positions by points won in their games. 

We are already planning for next year’s tournament, and looking forward to seeing everyone again back in Yahk.

cheers Melody and George (Potter)

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