We Tell You Just A Little About Merrill and Chris Arcand

Seems I did not write a great deal about Merrill and Chris >> even though we were the Best of Friends With Them???

Lakeland Florida Shufflers Come to Renfrew Ontario > Missing from the pic, our host and hostess, Jack and Ilse Vooght.  They were home preparing for us!!

I don’t have to remind 98% of readers of the BLOG that Shufflers deeply miss the more intense shuffling activity associated with FL, AZ, TX or CA!!  Specifically, they miss it about the end of their first month back in their Northern Residence.

I don’t think that one needs a degree in Philosophy to recognize that our discomfort, our anxiety, is brought on, not so much because we are not playing the game, but rather by not having the social interaction, the close social relationships associated with playing the game!!

Just as many of YOU have, a small group of Shufflers from the Lakeland FL area got together in Renfrew Ontario to-day, June 14th, 2016.  Some of us met for lunch and then joined the others at the Renfrew Shuffleboard Facility.  We were welcomed by the Renfrew Shufflers as we competed in four 8 Frame Games on Roll Out Courts.   Roll Out Courts can be a challenge, especially if it is your first time to experience same!  To make my point, two of the visiting shufflers took home the “boobie prize”!!  No names, no pack drill as they say in the military.

Following the action on the courts we went to the residence of Jack and Ilse Vooght where we “shot the breeze” with much laughter and many stories!!  About 6 0-clock Jack and Ilse served Pulled Pork, c/w coleslaw, macaroni salad, fine wine, and must not forget the Angel Food and Lemon Cake!!  WHAT A GREAT AFTERNOON!!  ANY ANXIETY WE HAD WAS OUT THE WINDOW!!!  (Click on pic to expand!)

Stan McCormack.  2016 06 15.

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