We Tell You Just A Little About Michael Zellner

Your ISA President

Michael and Ivone Zellner delivered on their promise of a Baby Girl:

Michael Speaks: “I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season full of love, joy and happiness. My dear wife, Ivone, gave me a gift that I cannot open for 9 months. Imagine that !  Having to wait that long.
Oh well I’ll keep shuffling along till then.  
If you haven’t guessed ….our daughter Isabella will be born on or about 4 July 2011.”

In fact Isabella was born 2011 07 03 01:37 in Sao Paulo, Brazil. 

Isabella Erminia Rangel  Zellner weighed in at 6.5 lbs. and Mom sure has her dressed in an attractive outfit!!  Stan McCormack 2011 07 04. 

President Michael’s “TERM IN REVIEW” (2011 & 2012)

Since taking office as the ISA President I have accomplished the following:

  1. Placed TRANSPARENCY of the ISA Board at the top of my priorities, and immediately

            made, the once secret, Past ISA Board Minutes available for public viewing and

            placed them on the internet site as well.

  • Created official letterhead stationary for National Presidents and ISA Board Officers  

            so correspondence can, from this time on, become a matter of official record.

  • Established the first official ISA Logo.
  • Revised the ISA Constitution to bring it up to date. Rev. 2011
  • Created New Committees for:  Auditing, Constitution and By Laws, Website Control, Communications, Promotions and Publicity, Youth, World Shuffleboard League, World Ranking and Championship Format and filled them with responsible volunteers.
  • Created system of Presidential Policy Letters to put into writing, policies that had never been documented and merely passed by word of mouth for years.
  • Re-defined Hall of Fame requirements, eligibility and number of recipients.
  • Established a distinctive “Hall of Fame Dinner and Ceremony” to more adequately honor recipients during the World Shuffleboard Championships.
  • Established a Gift Policy to provide gifts to all the special volunteers who work so diligently to make our ISA tournaments such a big success.
  1. Created policy authorizing immediate funds for minor operational expenses incurred by hosts and board members in support of an ISA event.
  1. Established requirements and selection process for the “Merit Award”.
  1. Established “Medals Policy” to define the awarding of medals presented at both ISA Singles and Team tournaments.
  1. Drafted Official Rules governing ISA World Singles and World Team Tournaments.
  1. Pushed to establish an official ISA Website and then provided the necessary inputs such as Current Constitution, Past ABM Minutes, Hall of Fame records, Past Presidents records and update News and Presidents Corner accordingly.
  1. Created Guidelines for Article submission to the ISA Website.
  1. Spearheaded the project to design, create and fabricate the ISA’s first Official Flag.
  1. Instrumental in getting St. Pete selected as the host for the 32nd ISA World Singles Championship /100 Year Celebration of Shuffleboard in America.                                
  1. Brought Norway, the 7th member nation, into the ISA.
  • Applied to and got the ISA accepted into TAFISA as well as receiving sponsorship to bring 10 ISA Delegates to Lithuania to demonstrate shuffleboard to over 100 nations in attendance.
  • Created unique uniforms for the TAFISA Delegation to reflect credit upon themselves and the ISA.
  • Personally escorted the ISA Delegation to TAFISA in Lithuania from 5-10 July 2013.
  • Expanded the UN players to permit more positive advertising for the ISA by including members who represented Portugal, Netherlands, and England at the 30th and 31st World Championships.
  • Participated in the planning, control, operations and presided over the                  31th ISA World Team Tournament in Seattle, Wash. USA
  •   Presently in constant communication with Host of the 2013 ISA   World Championship  to cover the necessary preliminary planning for what will be the ISA’s most prestigious event ever. Travelled to St. Pete, Florida to attended a          meeting with city officials in January 2012 for initial planning stage.
  •   Personally extended an invitation to the President of the St Pete Shuff Club and the City of St. Pete Sports Director to be my guests at the 2012 ISA Championship in Seattle to give them an insight into what we need to do for their tournament. Both have accepted my invitation and will be with me in Seattle.
  • Presently involved in communications to bring the nations of Spain, Sierra Leone, Ukraine, India and Russia into the ISA as our newest members.

Michael Robert Zellner

ISA President


On Saturday, December 5th, 2020 two of our ISA Past Presidents joined forces and competed in the 2020 Florida Senior Games, for athletes age 50 and above, held at the Lakeside Shuffleboard Complex in Lakeland, Florida. These games began in 1974 as the Golden Age Games, and now the Florida Senior Games are the qualifier for the 2021 National Senior Games which will take place in Greater Fort Lauderdale from November 5-18, 2021. Both competed as Singles in their respective age groups and then in the afternoon teamed up to compete in the Doubles. In the Singles, Earl Ball swiftly and with his untiring precision beat all the contestants in his age group to take the coveted Gold Medal. Michael Zellner fought hard and diligently succeeded in taking the Bronze Medal in his age group.  In the afternoon, the dynamic duo paired up and took on registered teams in the Doubles Division. Fighting as hard as they could, they made it to the two final teams. Their adversaries, also known as seasoned competitors in the International arena, (Doris Hanke and Cheryl Cole) played a nearly flawless match overtaking the Ball/Zellner team to take the Gold Medal in the Doubles. In the end, Earl Ball took home a Gold and Silver Medal and Michael Zellner a Silver and Bronze Medal which qualified them to compete in the 2021 National Senior Games. A special thank you goes out to Tournament Director Glenn Monroe for his superb and meticulous as always, direction of this special event.   

  • On a warm summer day in 1995 Michael Zellner was driving in Seminole, Florida.
  • He noticed a sign – Allen R. Shuffleboard. A nice man named Sam Allen explained this game of shuffleboard to him. Michael was convinced and immediately knew this was the game for him. He returned to Brazil and constructed two courts. He taught himself and anyone who showed interest in this new game. Michael and Dr. Luiz Pimentel founded the Brazilian Shuffleboard Association, and in 1997 proudly brought the first Brazilian National Shuffleboard Team to compete in the ISA World Shuffleboard Championship in Hendersonville NC, USA.  In 2002, Michael and the Brazil Shuffleboard Association hosted an Inaugural and in 2005, Brazil was host to the ISA World Championship.  
  • Michael served as an ISA Vice President from 2000 to 2011. Michael became the 12th President of the ISA in 2011. The completion of his 3rd term as ISA President (6 consecutive years) sets 2 records for the ISA
  • Michael is the longest serving board member in the ISA history (20 consecutive years) and the youngest serving Vice President and President.
  • When Michael entered the ISA there were only 3 founding member nations.  During Michaels 20 dedicated years on the board, the ISA has more than doubled in size and now has 9 member nations.
  • In 2006, Michael was inducted into the ISA Hall of Fame. During the 20 years that Michael has been involved with the ISA, we have often taken for granted his fine leadership. We will always remember the positive changes he has brought to the ISA.  

  • We wish Michael the best of Luck as he ventures out into another direction and cause near and dear to his heart.  He would like to dedicate some time aiding the Military Veterans and Disabled Groups.
  • Michael has been blessed with the development of many ISA friendships. I appreciate and thank you, Michael for your support. It has truly been a pleasure knowing you and your family.
  •  Michael, your commitment, enthusiasm and insight have really been inspiring to us. Your service and achievements to the ISA is an occasion worth celebrating!!!

“CONGRATULATIONS” and “THANK YOU” for a job well done!!  


Myrna Bilton,   ISA 1st Vice President                October 28, 2016              St Cloud, Florida, USA

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4 Responses to We Tell You Just A Little About Michael Zellner

  1. Michael Zellner says:

    Thank you and a big hug to each and everyone who worked with me to accomplish all that I could during my term in office. Without you I could have never accomplished these things. Now that I have just turned 65 I am at the perfect age to take up Shuffleboard on a professional basis! Lol


  2. Michael Zellner says:

    Thank you Stan. I am so honored to know you thought about me one more time. Many of your history stories bring tears to my eyes as I recall my treasured times with them and especially those who have passed away. This is my 25th year on the ISA board since 1996 . Unbelievable Michael

    Sent from my iPhone



  3. debsturat says:

    A “wow” of a Shuffleboard career!!


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