We Tell You Just A Little About Mike Vasallotti


At the State Tournament at Lakeland on March 22, 2005, I had an opportunity to speak with Mike Vassallotti regarding the upcoming FSA MASTERS.  I had been told that Mike had not committed to play.  I wondered at this, given that he sits at the Top of The List~~THE TOP 8 LIST.  I put the question directly to him and he answered in similar fashion.  He said that he was not committing until he knows who is “on the bubble”.  He went on to elaborate, explaining that if by decling to play, the decision would allow someone who had never had the opportunity, that is just what he would do.  This can only be considered a magnanimous decision and one that is applauded by THE SHUFFLER.  Mike was asked what are the chances of Glen Peltier winning the Masters.  He replied that Glen Peltier was capable of winning any shuffling event at any time ~~ He is an excellent player.  Mike then went on to comment on shuffling in the MASTERS.  He stated that it was hard work, shuffling over the 4 day period, especially for him as he is not a “BANGER”, he must be thinking all the time, concentrating on every shot.  He added that it takes a lot out of him.  I guess just like you and I, he is getting older.  You would never know it as you watch the performance on the Courts!!  We cannot tell you who won the Lakeland event as it was not concluded when we went to press!!  We do know that the team of Vassallotti and Boshart must be very strong favourites!! 

Stan of THE SHUFFLER  2005 03 22.   


As of the end of December, 2004, Mike Vassolotti had a lifetime point total of 453 and he was leading the 04-05 Season with 51 points.  Mike is shown on the FSA Site in 2013, as having 589 points*.

As I approached Mike at the State Tournament at Sebring in Jan of 2005, he was engaged in a conversation. I waited patiently until I heard the perfect opening.

Mike in reply to another shuffler, stated that he had had a lot of fun shuffling in the Consolation Event.  I began the conversation by asking: If that is true Mike, why do you not spend more time shuffling in Consolation? 

After a very long pause, Mike responded: “Unfortunately I have spent a lot of time shuffling in consolation.”

The Shuffler: Seriously Mike, you now have a significant lead in the scoring race, to what do you contribute your success? Mike: “When I started 8 years ago, I practised from sunup to sundown, and I did it through hard work ~ the American Dream.  It didn’t come easy for me but when you push discs all day long, you begin to get a pretty good feel for it ~ so I did it through a lot of practise.”

THE SHUFFLER: So you are suggesting that practise makes perfect; there is a contrary view that practise makes habit.  Given that you practise on courts in your own geographic area, how can you explain that you perform equally well on these courts for example?  My question; is there not something more than hard work and the American Dream?  Mike: “Well, a lot has to do with desire ~ to explain; right now I am trying to get my friend Grant Boshart to 200 points.  That is the motivation I have to put forth ~~ that little extra effort ~~ to earn the extra points to get Grant to the 200.” 

THE SHUFFLER: Thanks very much for that Mike, it is appreciated, and Good Luck!  Stan 2005 01 04

2004 into FSA HOF:  Mike started his Shuffleboard career on the East Coast and had a very successful career as an amateur, setting an all-time record for amateur “Masters” points with his partner. He won the Amateur “Masters” and the State Amateur Doubles. After becoming a “Pro” Mike moved to the west coast to better enable himself to play the pro circuit. He found imme­diate success as a pro qualifying for the “Masters” in his first season. Mike has quali­fied for the “Masters” in each of his seven seasons. He has been the Champion or Co-Champion four times and elected not to play twice. Mike got to 200 points in just four seasons, faster than any­one in modern times ever has*. He also reached 300 & 400 points faster than anyone else. Along the way he has won four National Championships, three “Roll of Champion” Champi­onships, The Florida State Doubles and the Tournament of Champions. Mike says good partners made it all possible and he wishes to thank them all.   ((Remarks taken from FSA Site > Mike’s HOF Remarks of 2004.   

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