We Tell You Just A Little About Muriel and Murray Burnett

Burnett’s and Perrotta’s celebrating another anniversary together.

For at least thirty five years, Murray and I have celebrated our anniversary with very special friends who share our anniversary date. Because our Centre Wellington Shuffleboard tournament opens on Tuesday June 13th (the actual date of our 47th anniversary), we celebrated on Saturday June 10th.  Usually, we go out to eat, but this year, we decided to host.  We have sold our family home of 32 years on Lake Belwood, and wanted a special memory this year.

This year has been very busy and stressful.  Murray’s 94 year old parents have been living on their own, but need to get into assisted living/nursing home care.  At present they cannot get the help required from CCAC, and family are taking turns going in and sleeping overnight.

We have sold our home, and will be moving to our new home in Fergus (closer to the shuffleboard courts).  

Murray has had health issues, and we cancelled our trip to Brazil.  That was hard, as we were really looking forward to going there.  Hopefully another opportunity comes up in the future.

So lots of changes, all at once.  But one things remains constant – we are so lucky to have each other, our family, our Canadian friends, our Florida friends, and our shuffleboard friends.  Each and everyone of you mean the world to us!

Cheers, Muriel & Murray Burnett  2017 06 11

Murray grew up on a small (by today’s standards) farm in East Garafraxa, I grew up on the same size, 100 acres, in Amaranth.  I remember Christmas Eve service at our small church, as something very special. We were so excited to get together with our friends, on this special evening.  We wore our new Christmas pyjamas, and carried a candle down the aisle to our chair in the choir.  

The first Christmas after our son Chris was born, we discovered we had grown up with the same, yet very different practices.  My Grandma cooked a goose, his Grandma a turkey.

Up in Amaranth, Santa took all his gifts out of his bag, and left them under the tree for each of us.  Down at East Gary, at the Burnett Farm, Santa wrapped everyone’s gift.  We didn’t discover this until it was too late to ask anyone else.  What to do??? In this like all things, we made our own traditions and practices.

The most important thing is that we both grew up in a happy, loving home.  This is what was important to create for our son and daughter.  We had kittens and puppies,  later snow machines and skis, a boat and a camper.

The memories of fun with family and friends are so precious.  

We have been so blessed in life.  And everyday we remind ourselves, “each day is a gift”.

Muriel Burnett

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  1. debsturat says:

    Good people!!!


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