We Tell You Just A Little About Myrna Houston

Myrna, A Woman On The Move!!


The energy she burns, just moving, must more than explain her profile.  I captured this shot of her > in normal mode > SEE THAT STRIDE!  SEE THOSE ARMS!!  I wanted to speak to her about her Woodbrook activities but it was evident she had no time for such nonproductive activity!! She moved on quickly to complete the task at hand!!

If there is a committee that Myrna is not on, or at least lends a helping hand, I have not heard of it. 

Myrna is a competent Shuffler, an activity which does slow her down, albeit only a bit!! We are so glad to have her shuffling > and of course she is an asset when it comes to our Pancake Breakfast!! 

Every Woman, every individual should hope that Myrna maintains her health and returns for years to come.  Let’s be honest, if she slowed down, two others would need to step up to the plate! The beauty of this Park is that when this happens, others will step up to the plate!! 

Thanks Myrna for all that you do; it is appreciated!

Stan McCormack.  2011 03 16.      

TO READ MORE, GO HERE:  The Houstons, Alf and Myrna Have a Wedding Anniversary To-day!! A Lifetime of Memories. | Your Source for Shuffleboard News (theshuffler.net)

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