We Tell You Just A Little About Nancy Singleton.


My husband Bob and I first got involved in shuffleboard when we arrived at Pioneer Creek in 1998.  We really enjoyed park play and we had some excellent teachers.  I remember standing around the courts reading the bulletin board and Darlene and Bill Morrison coming over and introducing themselves and explaining everything to us and the next thing we knew we were signed up

After a couple of years I became Chair of our Pioneer Creek Shuffleboard League and held the position for several years.  I started to go out to a couple of District Tournaments and really enjoyed it.  Then my husband got ill and I did not play out for a couple of years.  After he passed away in 2004 I decided I wanted to get out and play more competitively.  In 2005/2006 I played in quite a few tournaments and got to play in the Reiny in March of 2007 and became state am that Oct. 

I have now earned Pro Status and will play as a Pro in Oct of 2010.  It’s been a bit of a battle but I feel blessed to still be able to play competitively after having 5 surgeries on my left eye in the last couple of years and more surgery to come this summer.  I guess I haven’t done too badly for a person with only one eye.  The best thing about shuffleboard is the people you meet and every now and then you have a great tournament like the recent Pro-Am event in Sebring where Larry Brown and I took first place in the Championship Event.  (2010 01 28) You get so charged up when you play well it gives you momentum for the next tournament.  At the start of each shuffleboard season it is so exciting to see everyone again and every year you meet more and more people.  I live in Golden Lake, Ontario and play a little shuffleboard in Renfrew during the summer months.

Submitted by Nancy Singleton of Pioneer Creek. 2010-02-05

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