Ray and Joan Buck Sent Along This Message.

Joan and Ray Buck

The Bucks Speak: Today finished the first FSA “Any Doubles” tournament.  There were 10 entries, including one team of ladies and one mixed. The brave team of Helen Biaggi and Dotty Koert fought off a local men’s team in the semi’s to face Ray Buck and Steve Raimondi in the consolation finals. Although they came up short, the ladies gained respect from all their opponents and enjoyed the competition.

Ray and Joan sent along a pic of the Biaggi/Koert team along side the Raimondi/Buck Team. Unfortunately I have maxed out my space, and cannot post any additional pix.

You MAY wish to read this:


Betmar’s “Any Doubles” US National Tournament has brought up (again) an interesting question, and I’m curious to know the answer.  (Tournament ended June 2nd, 2009

“Are men better shufflers than women”?  I say “again” as from what I have learned, this has periodically been the subject of conversations regarding our sport for quite a long period of time.  Having lost many a game to a woman, I find it difficult to understand those who say men are better players than women. 

Recently I have received several e-mails from women who have stated their view that our early June tournament should be a M/L tournament just like most of the FL State Tournaments.  A couple of ladies who expressed that view said they did not play this year because of the “Any Doubles” format, and some other ladies said they might not come back next year if we keep that format.  Here is my reply to those e-mails.  (NOTE: Specifically, in the tournament in question, any two players are an acceptable Entry, two women; two men; or 1 man and 1 woman.) 

            All I can say is that this was our second time to host this event. The first time we drew 52 teams and this time we drew 43 teams.. both are not bad numbers for June in Florida ….. Most of our Central District tournaments are men and women draws and women win a good share of those, so to say they can’t compete with men is not true.  As far as women playing a different game, I guess it’s possible, but they beat me a lot and in this event they did beat out a fair number of good players who happen to be men before they themselves got beat …  I can only say that the “Any Doubles” drew men, women, Amateurs, and Pro’s ….. For a summer event, if we start splitting it up into all these different divisions – one for men, one for women, and one for amateurs, we may only get a small number of players for each.   My suggestion would be for some other club to host a split, like you suggest, at some other time in the summer and see how it works out … The Any Doubles is a bit different than most and keeps the game from being the same all the time.  If we always have men and women playing in separate divisions, well, if I were a woman I would feel like I was being told I wasn’t good enough…. I don’t think that’s true – We’re getting women drivers in NASCAR and other pro sports who compete with men at the same level.. They can if they will… Terry    

O.K. – having said that, I’m still perplexed as to what the answer is.  Some strong opinions from males since I’ve been asking around – “Women play a different game” – “All they want to do is clear and score” – “They feel they can win more with fewer opponents”.  Well, I’m hearing some of the same stuff from women too.  If women feel they can’t compete with men, I guess this whole century long women’s movement regarding equality, equal pay for equal work, etc. that has been going on all of my lifetime doesn’t apply here?  Is the separation of sexes actually being promoted by the men to keep women out of the “Men’s” club? Or, are the women actually of the belief that they can’t win against a man?  

I have seen a lot of matches where the men have been obliterated by their female opponents – you have too.  At the Any Doubles in Betmar, I watched some very close games that could have gone either way, a men’s team matched against a women’s team. A little luck; one good shot; one bad shot; any one of which would have turned the whole tournament results around to a winning woman’s team.   What exactly is the science regarding this query?  Is it physical or emotional?  Do “all” women believe men are better shufflers?  Do “all” the men believe that ?

Let’s be real careful how we reply as I don’t mean to start a new round of a battle between the sexes, but I’m curious to know.

Submitted by Terry Rainwater,

Betmar Club President, FL 2009 06 11. 

SHUFFLER’S NOTE: We are fully prepared to moderate an on line discussion on this matter.  You may send along your input, your view on the various issues raised by Terry, to stanistheman_200@yahoo.com  

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