We Tell You Just A Little About Peter and Erika Berg

Shuffleboard Is All About Friendship!!

The Bergs, Peter and Erika, met up with the Hussmanns, Dieter and Birgitt, when the Hussmanns made their inaugural shuffleboard trip to Florida in 2006. They have maintained a close association since that first meeting.

All Sochi Shufflers will meet Dieter and Birgitt in Russia.  Dieter is the GSA (German Shuffleboard President) and has played a key role in the organization of the European Shuffleboard Event in Sochi.  The GSA has experienced steady growth and accepted an ever increasing role in the ISA (International Shuffleboard Assn.) under Dieter’s leadership.  Dieter has been quoted as saying: “Since my soccer days are almost over I found a wonderful sport that my wife and I can play for many years to come”. He went on: “I can’t remember any other week in my life, of making more friends than I did in Florida during that time. It is definitely one of the greatest rewards, besides playing this wonderful game”. (Referencing his week in FL in 2006)

Both Peter and Erika have significant International experience.  In Lakeside, OH during the 25th Anniversary of the ISA in 2006,   Peter had an outstanding record of performance, winning 9 of his 10 Matches. In Midland, ON in 2007, both competed and Erika was awarded the coveted Sportsmanship Award, presented to the Player who best demonstrates good sportsmanship combined with outstanding interpersonal relationships.  

The award was introduced by Jim Allen of Allen R Shuffleboard Co on the occasion of the 25th ISA held in Lakeside Ohio in 2006.  Jim, in conjunction with Sam, came up with the idea to recognize those individuals who stimulate interpersonal relations between and among shufflers within their own nation and spread that success to other nations while also exemplifying sportsmanship!

We should tell you that The Bergs competed in Australia in 2008 and in Germany in 2010.

Peter and Erika live on an Island in Carling Township in the Parry Sound area of ON.  They winter in Palmetto, FL.

As you will be shuffling with all of these people in the pic to the right, except the young lady in the center, Granddaughter Jocelyn, I will name them for you from left to right: Torben Hussmann, Shuffler extraordinaire; Peter Berg; Jocelyn Berg; Dieter Hussmann; Birgitt Hussmann and finally Erika Berg.     

I hope you have enjoyed this expose of the Bergs and introduction of Dieter and Birgitt Hussmann.  Those of you who have not met them have something can look forward to a positive experience in Sochi, Russia where we will ENJOY GREAT RUSSIAN FOOD!!

Stan writing in Calabogie, ON  2011 04 21.  


Hi every one. Today around 4PM Erika and I heard some noise that sounded like some one was demolishing a building. We looked at each other and figured Kent our only neighbor here was doing a major cleaning job. Erika said he is chopping wood, I said no that would sound different. So we left it at that. About one hour later I happened to look out the back door and I knew right away where the noise came from. The outhouse door (our winter standby and garbage storage) was wide open. Both moldings on either side of the door were ribbed off and garbage scattered all over. We called Kent our neighbor and warned him about the guest we are observing. Luckily he had a bear banger, he activated it and the bear ran for his life.    Never a dull moment at the cottage, Peter and Erika

HAPPY 53rd Wedding Anniversary From All Shufflers!!

Did you know that Peter and Ericka went shuffling on their Honey Moon??  I know of no other couple that can claim that!!!  May 21st is their Magic Day!!  And I must say, by looking at the pic above, the Magic continues to-day!!  As you will see by reading Peter’s remarks, received to-day, they made their way to St Petersburg, and that was without the benefit of the Inter State System we all take for granted to-day!! 

AND, before that, they had shuffled at Tilbury, host to the very first official Shuffleboard Tournament in Ontario!!

Peter speaks: We did travel on our honeymoon all the way to Florida. I-75 was only a dream of President Eisenhower then. We stayed at The Alden in St. Pete. That hotel is still there today. One super hot morning some hotel guests started pushing those funny looking discs back and  force. That caught our attention. We asked if we could join them to play this game, they agreed and the rest is history.
We do agree with so many shufflers world wide that the best part is, all the friends we gained through out the world. That would have never happened without this wonderful game of shuffleboard. Looking forward to Midland 2014 to see many of our friends again.
Peter and Erika.

Another Great Reason To Come To Midland!  Peter and Erika will be there!!

You may wish to read this:  AN Bergs, Peter & Erika  Stan 2014 05 20.

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  1. Joan McCurdy. says:

    Dear Erika and Peter ~ I wish you both well and thank you for our time in Bradenton.


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