We Tell You Just A Little About Peter and Margaret White

Peter and Margaret White Enjoy Shuffleboard

I took this photo of Peter and Margaret White at a tournament in Avon Park back in 2007 or 2008.  While shuffling in the Orange Blossom in Sebring on 2012 01 02, Peter came up to me and thanked me for the picture I had taken of the two of them at an event in Avon Park a few years ago, adding understandably, that he and Margaret were quite pleased with the photo.

Peter aroused my curiosity so when I arrived at my residence I went into my archives and located the pic in question > see above.  I sent it along to Peter and Margaret with an invite to subscribe to the Canadian Website:  Peter tells me that he did and accordingly I am posting their photo for all to appreciate. 

PS Margaret and partner Carol Weise placed 3rd in consolation and picked up $92.00 

Stan McCormack 2012 01 03. 

From Peter White in Response to my posting: Stan speaks: I strongly recommend you click on the link ,scroll up AFTER you read Peter’s comment, AND THEN READ THE STORY!!! If you have passed your 70th birthday, this article should appeal!!!


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