We Tell You Just A Little About Peter Van Buren

 Gary Pipher reports on 2021 02 06.

When I said Peter was 101 , I guess I jumped the gun a little. He is in his 101 year and actually turns 101 on March 21, 2021. 

Peter is a remarkable man.

His life has been a good testament and proof that hard work never hurts anyone. 

He was still cutting his own grass at his summer home and looks forward to getting back to Turkey Point when his Park opens again in May. 

Peter is 96 Gary’s Great Article 2016 04 12.

How many seniors are still active at 96. How many seniors are still driving a car at 96. How many Seniors are still able to take care of them-self at 96 . How many seniors have interests in the opposite sex at 96.  How many seniors are still jumping behind the wheel of a car and driving alone for 2400 klms from their winter retreat in Florida to a home in Canada where they still look after their own house, cut the grass and do all the usual maintenance themselves.  

That remarkable individual is of course Peter Van Buren. 

He arrived home from Woodbrook Estates in  Florida yesterday at his usual time of 4:00 pm. ( Not a minute sooner and not a minute later) . That has been Peters usual arrival time for the past 30 years to his home in Turkey Point in south western Ontario. His neighbors have said they could set their watch by his arrival time. 

I am not sure where Peter made up for the lost time because in Florida on the morning of his departure just as he went to start up his 14 year old vehicle he discovered the battery was flat and had to call motor league for a jump start, then once again he was on his way . 

Peter is one remarkable man with a fantastic memory and all round great health and of course a great shuffleboard player to boot . How many of us will ever be like Peter at 96

Five Score 10 Birthdays!! We Celebrate!!! Please Tell Us If You Know Someone Who Has Reached this Milestone!!!

Our 2nd Shuffler Was Not on the World Stage So To Speak, but as you will see when you click on the first pdf file, he was “on stage” in Woodbrook Estates!! FL. His Name: Peter Van Buren.  On 2018 03 21, Peter will celebrate his 98th Birthday!!  Gary Pipher Speaks: This picture of Peter on the ladder was his last Christmas in Woodbrook before he sold his house (just look at him up the ladder hanging his lights.). He always decorated his house with colored lights for the seasons, and at one time, he and Dr. Jack Hopps ( the Canadian inventor of the Pace Maker ), Peter’s best friend and neighbor for over 25 years, decorated the lamp posts and front gates to the Woodbrook Park.

I am now going to give you access to an article I wrote in 2015.  Peter VanBuren celebrated his 95th Birthday to   Peter has now stopped coming to FL (as of last year) but Gary Pipher, who maintains contact with Peter, said this in an e-mail of March 20th, 2018: Yes Peter is still very alive. We spoke with him last week and he sounds just like Peter from years ago. His activities have been somewhat less than while in Woodbrook over the winter . He said he does a lot of reading and lots and lots of crossword puzzles and of course both these activities keep his mind sharp and alert. He still pushes a lawnmower and cuts grass during the summer and of course he shoveled snow many times this winter.
Barb and I have planned to go down to Turkey Point and take him out for dinner .
He misses Florida but is so grateful that he enjoyed over 45 years of winters there . He is a remarkable man.  

Before signing off, I would like to send Birthday Greetings to Peter from All Shufflers, but a special Greeting from his long time friend Wilma McLung of Woodbrook Estates.

Stan McCormack. 2018 03 21.

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