We Tell You Just A Little About Philip and Betty Martin

To-day, 2015 03 23, I received a message from Phillip and Betty Martin, formerly well known, well respected shufflers of Florida.  Most importantly, both continue to enjoy Good Health; they now winter in Spain; and travel extensively during the summer.  Their home continues to be England, in the east coast town of Bridlington .  Click if you wish: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bridlington  Betty and Phillip send best wishes to Florida Shufflers!! 

I am now going to insert the 2006 article I wrote announcing their departure from Florida. 

I am now going to insert the 2006 article I wrote announcing their departure from Florida.  

Philip and Betty Martin Leave Florida!

That is correct folks; if you had not heard, Philip and Betty have sold their place, have packed their bags, and will soon say good-bye to FL. To say the Martins will be missed is an understatement! They have been active in Shuffleboard since 1996; not only on the Courts but in an administrative capacity as well. I will never forget shuffling in St Cloud on a persistently wet day. As soon as Philip would get the water swept off the outside Courts, down would come another shower. Determination he had ~~ so much so that it became a full time job.

The Martins began coming to FL in 1991 because Betty suffered from arthritis. They began shuffling at the KAST Club and before long became involved in the admin side. The Miller twins took them under their wing and helped them a great deal with their new found sport.

Highlights for them both was becoming Pros and playing in the Central District Masters. For Philip however; beating Glen Peltier and Mike Vassalotti is well up there!! Philip and Betty’s son Adrian says that his “favourite moment” was watching “Mum” (Betty) and Claudette Beaulieu earn their Instant Pro Status while shuffling at St Cloud. Philip ranks #11 in Men’s points in the Central District, Betty ranks #6 in Women’s ~~ Very respectable for both!!  

Betty and Philip spend their summers exploring. If it is not up in Alaska or China it could just as well be somewhere of the beaten track in North Yorkshire, England. As is the case for most Grand Parents returning, the first order of business is: What have the grand children and children been up to??

Spain could very well figure highly in the future for the Martins but one can never be sure. One thing which is for sure is that Philip and Betty will be missed by their fellow shufflers in FL. Their competency on the Courts was a matter of record; their dedication to the sport never in question. And perhaps the best indication of our friendship is this: Should you decide to return, YOU WILL BE MOST WELCOME!! Shufflers of the Central District of Florida.

Stan McCormack 2006 03 10.


“Congratulations to Nicole on her entry into the FSA Hall Of Fame. She is a lovely lady who always made me feel welcome on my visits and is an inspiration to those who enjoy watching (shuffling).  Thanks again for this Site.  Adrian Martin, Yorkshire, England.  March 01, 2006.” These remarks are taken from our GUEST BOOK, (see our Home Page).  Adrian visits America (FL) and while here can often be seen on the Courts enjoying the action.  Adrian is the son of Philip and Betty Martin of Lakeland, FL.  Thanks so much for that Adrian.  We are glad you follow the action on THE SHUFFLER.  Stan of THE SHUFFLER 2006 03 02. 

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