We Tell You Just A Little About Keith Morton

Max Tate Presents Edith Taylor & Keith Morton

Pic above is of Max Tate, Edith Taylor and KEITH MORTON. Keith and Edith placed in the prestigious Juanita Harlow Tournament > also at Avon Park.

Of even greater significance, Keith supported by partner Walt Pickerel, to-day > 2021 02 11 Earned his way into the Central District Hall of Fame!! Congratulations from all CD Shufflers. Keep up the Great Shuffling Keith!

This information was sent along by Brenda Dawson. Big Shout Out Of Thanks To Brenda.

Brenda Dawson


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2 Responses to We Tell You Just A Little About Keith Morton

  1. John Houghtaling says:

    Not only is Keith Morton a very good player deserving of his Hall Of fame recognition and reward within the Central District, he is more importantly, one of the hardest working individuals who supports the game, supports his home club in Sebring, a valuable asset on the Central District Board and one of the most respected players on AND off the courts within the FSA!!!! Many congrats my friend!!!!…


    • stanistheman says:

      John Houghtaling and Keith Morton win Sanlan Championship

      John Houghtaling and Kieth Morton won the Central District Pro Draw Championship at Sanlan Ranch. It was Keith’s 1st Pro Championship and he was very excited, something I love to see, because it’s easy to forget what it was like in the beginning. Kieth played great; clearing any block that posed a threat and hiding unusually well when the opportunity presented itself. He’ll win many more and deserve every victory. His partner was John Houghtaling, one of Zephyrhills premium players, ever steady, smart about every situation and a great partner who is in the early stages of a great career.

      It wasn’t easy as they had to win the 1st two matches on the last shot of the 3rd game, one by Keith and one by John, and the Championship match also went three games and was tight right down to the last two hammers.


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