We Tell You Just A Little About Rich Phifer

Rich Phifer into the US NSA HOF. 2009

RICH PHIFER:  Rich’s brother, Bob, presented Rich with the National Pin and then made a few brief remarks.  He started out by saying Rich was the “heart and soul” of, not only Lakeside Shuffleboard, but the entire Lakeside community.  For the past 6 years he has been the President of the Lakeside Shuffleboard Club.  His list of many accomplishments include Coordinator of Youth Shuffleboard, (this year there were over 50 participants 15 years and younger in the National Youth Tournament).  Rich has also recycled trophies for years so the winning youngsters can receive one for their accomplishments.  In 2006 Rich worked tirelessly, with a great staff, to make the 25th ISA Games a rousing success.  These two authors, along with many others in the room, were part of that prestigious event.  Bob also stated that because of Rich’s efforts the courts at Lakeside are in the best shape in years.  Finally, Bob stated Rich has played at Lakeside since the 50s.  Now, it was Rich’s turn.  Rich, so very humble as his friends know, first and foremost thanked his wife, Marilynn, for her support and help these many years.  He saluted her for driving him to give to the shuffleboard community.  He also stated his biggest enjoyment is seeing people enjoying the Lakeside experience.  The Recreation Director of Lakeside then presented Rich with a beautiful rectangular framed photo cluster of Lakeside shuffleboard courts and thanked him for his efforts.  President Joe then presented Rich with a National HOF Plaque.

Rich Phifer was elected to the “US National Hall of Fame” by Earl Ball. 

I know Rich and he is a great promoter of Shuffleboard, especially in Lakeside, Ohio where they have the big youth involvement program.  Rich is very energetic and enthusiastic when it comes to Shuffleboard!!  See the Slogan on his T-Shirt!!

As the host of the 25th Anniversary International in 2006, Rich put together an outstanding team of volunteers to meet the needs of the players, and as one would expect, they did an outstanding job under his leadership.   Rich also does a superlative job as host for the US National Event in Lakeside.  Congratulations Rich from all shufflers who have benefited from the hospitality of Lakeside!!

Earl Ball.  2009 01 30. 

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