We Tell You Just A Little About Roberta and Ralph Day.


Hollywood Had the Golden Globe Awards (2007 01 15)
Shuffleboard Had The Hall of Fame Inductions!!
Roberta Day – FSA Hall of Fame Recipient by Larry
Good Evening Ladies & Gentlemen
Mr. President & First lady – Executive
Board –
Hall of Fame Inductees and family and
Shuffleboard Friends. It is a special
privilege and honor for me to introduce
you to not only a great shuffleboard
player, but a special friend, a wife,
mother and a grandmother.
For the past month I have been under
strict orders from Roberta to keep this very short and low key, or else
she would hurt me bad. But right before I came up here to speak, Ralph
told me to do whatever I wanted and he would not let Roberta beat me
Roberta & Ralph lived and worked in the Finger Lakes of New York. In
1992 when Ralph retired from the Telephone Company and Roberta retired
from a large Petroleum company as manager they decided to visit Central
Florida where her mother resided. They liked it and made the Haines
City area their home.
In 1994, Roberta’s Aunt Ginny Brewster introduced her to the game of
Shuffleboard. She joined the Winter Haven Club and was on her way. The
first couple of years Ralph was playing golf & horseshoes and was not
interested in shuffling. But it became apparent that if he wanted to
spend anytime with his wife, golf & horseshoes was out and shuffleboard
was in.
I first met Roberta at a district amateur tournament at Winter Haven
and as I have been known to talk a lot, I introduced Myself & Ruth and
a friendship was formed. In a very short time, it became apparent to me
that Roberta would be very special on the Shuffleboard courts, because
she had two unbelievable qualities. Number one was her thirst for
shuffleboard knowledge, advice, books, strategy, anything pertaining to
the game. But most important was the determination in her eyes to be
the best.
Roberta moved on to win the Central District Masters as an amateur and
followed up the next year winning it as a State Amateur. She has played
in the Central District Pro Masters numerous times winning first place
once. She has qualified for the Florida State Masters the last five
seasons and played in four of them coming in second three times.
Roberta has also given her time as an assistant tournament director in
the Central District and is currently serving on the Central District
Executive Board as my first Vice-President. To the best of my knowledge
and research, when I retired next year, she will become the first woman
president of the Central District.
Far more important than her accomplishments on the courts is the
friends that her & Ralph have made. We have been to their home in New
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York and when we made the 90 mile trip from Pioneer Creek to Kissimmee
& St. Cloud to play, Roberta would say “pack a bag and spend the night
with us”. Their home had become known as the “Days Inn”.
Roberta & Ralph have been married 46 years, 2 children, 3 grandchildren
and one great grandchild.
Mr. President, it is my honor and privilege to present to you for
induction into the Florida Shuffleboard Hall of Fame, my friend, Miss
Roberta Day.
Remarks as offered by Larry Brown on the occasion of Roberta’s
Induction into FSA HOF 2007 01 15.

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