We Tell You Just A Little About Rocky and Gigi Briggs


I would like to present the name of Rocky Briggs for the ISA Hall of Fame
Special Award. He has been a big factor in spreading the Gospel of
Shuffleboard for many years, not only in this Country, but as you must
recall, the help he gave you, and the rest of us in Brazil, and his willingness to
help spread Shuffleboard in this Country, is well known throughout the
States. His participation in so many ISA events has made him, a landmark to
look for, as we all arrive for another year of ISA Shuffling.
In 1997, in Hendersonville N.C. Rocky Briggs was assigned by the ISA Pres
(John Barnett) to train and teach the shuffleboard rules and tournament
etiquete to the newly formed Brazilian Team participating in their first ISA
tournament. The ISA Tournament in 2000 in Hemet, California was run by
Rocky Briggs and the ISA President (John Barnett) had requested him to set
up for the first time a special B- Division for Brazil and Australia to play
against some local players and extra players from the USA and Canada to
build experience. In 2005, Rocky was also the Tournament Director of the
ISA Tournament in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. He arrived there with his own
expenses 3 days before the event and assisted the Brazilian President
(Michael Zellner) in every meeting regarding the setup and operation of this,
Brazil’s first ISA Tournament which as everyone knows went off without a
single flaw. In 2006, in Lakeside Ohio, Rocky was one of 2 players assigned
by the ISA President (Joe Messier) to play on the Brazilian team because with
only 6 players they became ineligible to compete and were ready to
withdraw. In 2007 in Midland Canada, he was again selected by the ISA
President (Gus Bondi) to play on the Brazilian team that had dropped
unexpectedly to 7 players in the last month with USA Visa entry problems and
the entire team became ineligible to compete.
In all 3 instances, the ISA Presidents selected Rocky Briggs and he answered
the call by coming to the rescue to save an International Team on the verge of
being disqualified. I do look for your approval of this dedicated man, for this
high honor, that we bestow on an individual, who works for the betterment of
JOE MESSIER, USA National President

It has just been announced that GiGi and Rocky Briggs will be the UN Team Captains for the 33rd ISA World Championship Event in Midland, Ontario! 

This selection is made by the ISA President and reflects favourably on those chosen.  GiGi is a “Returning” UN Captain; for husband Rocky, it is his first time at Captaining a UN Team.    Both have extensive experience with Shuffleboard; more to the point, both have made significant contributions to Shuffleboard!! 

Rocky is a Member of the ISA Hall of Fame.

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2 Responses to We Tell You Just A Little About Rocky and Gigi Briggs

  1. seliseq1 says:

    Two of our very best friends and such wonderful people! Very special memories w/them in CA, AZ, OH, Brazil & NC, all because of shuffleboard. Rocky would constantly say, “I love this game!!”

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  2. Michael Zellner says:

    Rocky and GiGi — there isn’t enough room in this box to say how much you both are treasured and loved by the Brazilian Shuffleboard Team and especially the ISA Past President Michael Zellner. Rocky’s performance as the Crowned King (Tournament Judge) at the 24th ISA World Championship in 2005 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil will go down in history as our finest moment in Shuffleboard. Seated at the Judges table, high up on the stage, wearing his presented Golden Crown, Rocky oversaw and directed the entire tournament. GiGi was busy the entire week teaching our 12 Brazilian Girls some techniques and strategy to help them become competitive in their very first competition. Rocky and GiGi both came down a week prior to help organize this very first International Tournament in Brazil and in gratitude were treated to an additional sponsored week of traveling throughout Brazil after the conclusion of the WC by Dr. Luiz Pimentel and Michael Zellner and their wives. Rocky “Rest in Peace” brother and GiGi know you are forever loved down south in Brazil.

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