We Tell You Just A Little About Roger Nault

Sent along in 2007 by Sandi Quinn of TX

NAULT, (Manitoba) has a total of 1055 lifetime pts. and has been shuffling for 8 yrs..  He has shuffled other places besides TX but has never played the 75 pt., 2 out of 3 style.  He likes playing indoors on glass ‘beads’.  He feels skill is a ‘must’ and strategy also important. He says his strength is in both.  He has played on the National Team for Canada at ISA events in Australia and FL.  He enjoyed both very much and thought they were very well done.  He went 9/0 in one and 9/2 in the other.  He has placed 1st in our State tournament three times, 2nd once and 3rd twice, and placed 1st in our National Singles tournament in ’04.  He ROGER said, “Texas competition is ‘top notch’!”  Roger is a member of the TSSA and RGVSA Halls of Fame.

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1 Response to We Tell You Just A Little About Roger Nault

  1. seliseq1 says:

    Super, super shuffler and a real Gentleman! We are blessed for knowing and competing with him many years in TX!

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