We Tell You Just A Little About Stan and Sandi Quinn


A light hearted glance back to 2004 in North Carolina!! The very best to Stan as he registers one more year of experience!! 


Sandi Quinn, most travelled reporter for THE SHUFFLER, not only has an ability to make her reports interesting, she has panache when it comes to hosting a party~~especially when that party is to celebrate the birthday of husband Stan!!  On Monday evening a group of us got together for dinner at Fatz~~which is a first class eating establishment for those who may not know. Landy (Adkins) discovered almost at the outset that one could purchase a full bottle of wine for the price of two glasses!!  Fatz policy; any wine not drank at the end of the evening will be bottled and may be taken with you~~it was not necessary to invoke their policy!! The wine and the tasty food made for good conversation between and among the many friends gathered to help Stan as he officially enters the age category of a Senior!  At the appropriate time the staff came to the table, led us all in a rousing version of Happy Birthday, and then left Stan with the wonderful dessert that you see in the photo.  It was such a generous helping that Stan passed it around the entire table~~no one could resist, and when it returned there was still a bit left.  All had a great time.  The get-together demonstrated that we all can continue to have good fun, to enjoy a party~~AND most everyone felt “real good” the next day!!!  (Others ended up in the consolation event!!)  It was a great event!  All of us wish Stan a very Happy Birthday!!   Stanistheman_200@yahoo.com  2004 09 07 & again 2005 09 02.     

Article to follow written in 2004 by SANDI.

. “Three Nationals and More in ‘Apple Country’, USA” Hendersonville, NC


   If you like to play in National tournaments you must put Hendersonville, NC on your shuffleboard ‘must do’ list.  Every September the Hendersonville Shuffleboard Club hosts three National tournaments, a singles, a doubles and a mixed-doubles.  Most of their 26 courts have a definite drift but they are predictable and kept in good shape.  The club also does a good job at keeping the discs in good shape.  So, with a couple of practice sessions, you are ready to compete.  Some shufflers, like Stan and I, try to arrive a couple of weeks early to practice, take part in the club’s ‘fun shuffles’ and play in the two State tournaments the end of August.  Others arrive the weekend before the National singles and get in a day or two of practice. 

     Hendersonville and the surrounding area has much to offer as well as shuffling. That is why so many shufflers make this their summer home.  Because it is in the mountains, the weather is comfortable all summer and September is always so beautiful.  Downtown Hendersonville is so enjoyable with lovely flowers, hanging baskets and shopping to suit every taste.  Most Friday evenings streets are blocked off for live music, dancing and car shows.  The annual 4-day NC Apple Festival, the first week of September, offers craft booths, sidewalk sales, food booths, entertainment and apples, apples, apples!  Other attractions in Hendersonville are: Carl Sandburg Home; Flat Rock Music Festival; Flat Rock Nature Center; Curb Market; Walking Tour; Historic Johnson Farm; Western NC Air Museum; Bullington Horticultural Learning Center; The NC Arboretum; Mineral and Lapidary Museum; Hendersonville Train Depot; Jump Off Rock and Wolfe’s Angel.  There are also several art studios, playhouses and theaters.  The popular day-trips and weekend getaways are:  Pigeon Forge, TN with Dolly Wood, great craftsmen, shopping and music shows; Maggie Valley and Cherokee, NC offering numerous music shows and casinos;

Asheville, NC with the Biltmore Estate, Thomas Wolfe Memorial State Historic Site, Folk Art Center and Biltmore Homespun Shops; Great Smoky Mountains National Park; Chimney Rock; Mount Pisgah; DuPont State Park, and there are many spectacular waterfalls around the Brevard and Hendersonville areas.      Ask anyone who spends time here what they think of Hendersonville and it will definitely peak your interest.  So, whether for a week, a month or the whole summer, plan to check out Hendersonville, NC and I will look forward to seeing you on the courts!

Sandi Quinn 2004 09 21. 



I look forward to the next 2 yrs.  I’ve been on the USANSA board since Jan. 2010 under the presidencies of Jim Bailey and Gus Bondi, who were excellent mentors and a pleasure to work with.  I moved up through the V. Presidencies a little quicker than I should have, but I have learned much and feel I am ready for this position.  I know I won’t be able to please everyone but I can assure you that my main objective is for fairness and ethical treatment for ALL shufflers, and to promote national tournaments nation-wide.  Stan and I compete in the complete summer schedule of tournaments in NC and the complete winter schedule of tournaments in TX every year, and have for many years.  I am not ‘pro East’ and I am not ‘pro West’.  I am ‘pro Shuffleboard’.  I hope to gain your trust and cooperation to make the next 2 yrs. very productive for every member state of the USANSA.

To all the State Presidents & Delegates: I can’t stress enough your duty and responsibility to stay informed about the USANSA happenings and information thru the USANSA web site.  With the help and cooperation of our excellent and dedicated web master, Wilma Rudolph, the web site will always be up to date w/ the latest information and important up-dates.  If you are not computer savy then it is your responsibility to stay in close contact w/your Regional Director for the latest information and important up-dates.  Also, as a State Pres. or Delegate, you MUST CONTACT our web master or me if you have ANY CHANGE in your summer or winter address, your phone # or email address!  If your address in incorrect on the web site contact list in Dec. of each year, you will NOT receive the annual mailing w/ballots. 

REGIONAL DIRECTORS. I am counting on you to please help me by keeping in close contact w/your State Presidents and Delegates.

I would like to introduce our Secretary, Lynda King.  Many of you met her at the East/West Good Will Games in Hendersonville, NC, or if you played in Hendersonville or Lakeside last summer.  She and her husband, Warren, have been spending their winters and shuffling in south TX for 8 yrs., and are now spending their summers and shuffling in Hendersonville every year.  She is a TD in TX and NC, has been the Shuffleboard Chairperson in their park in TX for 4 yrs. and on their board for 6 yrs.  She has been the Sec’ty./Treas. on the board of the Rio Grande Valley Shuffleboard Assoc. for 3 yrs.  She and I are in very close proximity to each other year round, and is the perfect choice for Sec’ty.  I look forward to working w/her.  I welcome her wholeheartedly and I know you will also.

Sandi Quinn, US NSA President.  2014 01 20.  

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3 Responses to We Tell You Just A Little About Stan and Sandi Quinn

  1. seliseq1 says:

    Thank you Stan! It’s been a wonderful and blessed 27 yrs. w/so very many terrific friends and good times! ❤️


  2. Dave Minnich says:

    Great, great people, both of them. I am proud to call them—my friends.

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