We Tell You Just A Little About Shuffleboard Bob

The U.S. National Shuffleboard Association Hall of Fame

by Bob Zaletel

This brief introduction is intended to acquaint/reacquaint the reader with the significance of one’s election to the

Hall of Fame:

  • This is the 48th Induction Ceremony for players (Two per year) and Special Awards (One per year).  This process has been going on since 1960.
  • This means that less than 100 Players ever have received this Honor of the thousands upon thousands who have played this great game!
  • Also, this means that way less than 100 have been elected in the Special category. 
  • This selection process goes like this; Nominees can only be presented for consideration by National Officers, State Officers or Delegates of the States.
  • Presently, there are 11 states that can vote:  Florida, North Carolina, New Jersey, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Texas, Arizona, California and Washington.
  • Every Hall of Fame Inductee receives:

A National Pin

A National Plaque

  • Also, each Inductee will have their picture displayed at the National Hall of Fame Building in Clearwater, Florida; finally, a second smaller picture will be used in the record book at the site. 


The “07” Lakeside Induction Ceremony

Reporting done by Shuffleboard Bob

Pictures/manuscript typing by Sabra Fagetan

          The 48th USNSA was held on Thursday, July 26, 2007 in the banquet room at the Lakeside Hotel in Lakeside, Ohio with 47 shufflers in attendance.  And what a great event it was!!

Chef Chris not only prepared an outstanding meal, but announced the meal to the group every step of the way.  The main course consisted of Carved Prime Rib, Grilled Chicken, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Butter Sweet Corn topped off with Apple or Peach Pie drizzled with butterscotch.  Simply Delicious.

After the meal Walt Wedel, USNSA President, started the proceedings.  He welcomed everyone, and then introduced the National Officers seated at the head table.  He also introduced the two past presidents seated in the audience, Buck Buchanan and Jim Clayton along with Jim’s wife, Mary, who served as National Secretary for many years.  The pledge and invocation followed.

          What follows is a brief account of the induction ceremony:

  1. “Shuffleboard Bob” Zaletel-Mesa, Arizona

Bob was presented to the group by Joe Messier.  Some of the highlights of his remarks follow.  Bob started playing shuffleboard in Las Vegas in 1988 at the Sands Hotel.  He stated that this was “the gambling industries loss” and “Shuffleboards gain,” Bob has won 4 National Tournaments out west, out of the 10 played there.  He has also won many of the major tournaments played there-many more than once.  Bob has also played in 6 ISA tourneys and currently is in the top 40 in National Points for men-the only man player out west to do so.  He was President of Arizona Shuffleboard for 2 years.  Bob raised $7,300. In ’04’s side tourney, played the same week as the ISA, with 212 shufflers competing.  During the tourney he did spots on live Arizona TV and had many of the dignitaries, including Sam Allen; also do local spots on a 4 hour telecast.  He also lined up extensive newspaper coverage for the event.  He concluded his remarks by saying that if anyone ever deserved Hall of Fame status that Bob did.  Now it was Bob’s turn. 

      Bob stated that he was both honored yet humbled by this award.  He pointed out that tonight, just like in the 2 books he has written, that much of his success can be credited to what he call the Big 6-

-Louis Zaletel-Bob grew up in Lorain, Ohio and in 1955 his dad hand pained a small shuffleboard court in the basement.  His sister, Barb, standing next to him, played many a game with him down there. 

-Mary Zaletel-Mary could not make the trip with Bob, but here daughter Sabra, in the audience taking photos was in attendance.  Mary has been at his side since the first victory in ’88.

-Russ Jacobson-’85 Hall of Famer.  Russ came to Las Vegas in ’91 and during that visit really taught Bob the basic elements of play.  He also invited him down the Mesa, Arizona to see this event call the ISA.

-Harold Edmondon-’94 Hall of Famer.  At the ’91 event Bob met Harold.  Harold was the National President at the time, and he encouraged Bob to pursue his dreams. 

-Bud Walrath-’97 Hall of Famer.  Bob met Bud in ’93 at the ISA held at Las Vegas.  He was very impressed with his work ethic, besides giving Bob the organizational flow of shuffleboard.

 –Don Kleckner’88 Hall of Famer.  Others who know Bob know and understand his great love and passion for the game.  He learned this lesson from Don, who Bob says was the most passionate person he ever met in shuffleboard!

Bob cites winning his first National Tournament in Hemet, Ca with a 192 team field as his biggest thrill in shuffleboard, UNTIL THIS NIGHT.  He thanked Buck Buchanan for distributing the $1,300.  He and his partner, Ed Tallboom, split.  Bob is proud on doing an Instructional Video for the ISA in ’97.  Brazil and other nations have used it for their never players.  In closing, Bob said he is extremely proud of teaching over 1,200 players in the Mesa valley strategy lessons over the past 5 years.

          Bob then received his National Pin from his sister, Barb, and the National Plaque from President Walt.

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